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Pellet Energy, Sizes and Types

Selecting a particular shot size is controlling the energy your load will deliver at a given range.  Most often, you will want to shoot the densest pattern (re: the smallest pellets) that are capable of delivering sufficient energy for clean kills.  If your target is made of clay and to be taken under 25 yards, number 9 shot will be great. If you are shooting big geese on the prairie  in a screaming north wind, number "T" buck, or larger might be   required.

Generally, less-dense pellets,   such a steel shot,  require a size increase over denser lead pellets – a calculation to retain lethal energy – further.  As long as you understand that larger pellets will carry a diminished pattern farther, you are qualified to begin assessing your pellet size needs.

For hunting game, we like to influence you toward larger pellets. Too many hunters choose pellets based strictly upon pattern board results. Paper is easy, but game is tough. It will not matter how many times you hit game if none of those hits are lethal - you may as well be throwing a handful of acorns. Of course we do not encourage you to use number 2 shot for your next pheasant hunt, but perhaps consider a one size increase when in doubt. Let the conditions, range and game dictate your choices.

Plated Pellets
Plated lead pellets should be used for all your hunting, it’s a matter of penetration. Birds’ feathers are designed to be an insulative barrier. Besides retaining air space to moderate temperature, the feathers protect the bird’s body from impact. Unplated lead shot has a tendency to hit this barrier and stop, where plated pellets will work their way through, delivering a quicker, cleaner kill.

Copper Plated Lead Shot
Winchester(tm) introduced copper plated "Lubaloy(tm)" a copper-plated shot, in 1929. The flash coating of copper meant several advantages for shotgunners. The harder pellets held a much better pattern because they held their spherical shape. Instead of becoming misshapen and flying away, a greater number stayed in the core of the pattern all the way to the target. Secondly, the copper plating penetrates game better, resists getting wadded up in feathers, increasing the odds of clean, one-shot kills.

Nickel Plated lead Shot
Penetration and energy transfer of nickel plated shot is unequaled. In terms of these criteria, nickel shot the ultimate game pellet. Originally developed in Italy for high stakes live pigeon shoots, nickel plated shot is currently used by the world’s best live-game shooters and clay game target competitors.

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