Small-Bore Shotgun Wads

Small-bore shotguns, have a lot of advantages. They are light, they offer minimal recoil and are favored by both experienced and new shooters, for these same reasons. Maybe You shoot a small-bore because you enjoy getting the most out of yourself and your shotguns. Quality small-bore shotguns and a skilled shooter will get the same results as anyone using larger gauges. There are a few secrets to success though, some that small-bore specialists won't even share with their friends. Achieving high performance from small bore shotguns requires the best components; especially wads, that will get the most out of every pellet and thus, every pattern. Success means using components designed specifically for a particular gauge. The components listed here are Superior plastic wad engineering specifically for small bore shotguns. Sequential compression rings, found on G/BP components, reduce felt recoil, while maintaining load velocity consistency, a job that is more difficult with small bores. Progressive compression sections on these small bore wads protects pellets from deformation - offering downrange patterns competitive with the larger gauge shotguns. Don't be afraid to use your small bore shotgun this year. Learn it. Practice and enjoy the benefits of a lightweight small-bore. With specialized components, and tuned loads you will have a distinctive advantage.

16 gauge wads


16 Ga. Field Wad 

16 Gauge Trap/Field Commander

The "Field Commander" delivers extraordinary results for the sixteen gauge shooter. Final crimps are improved by allowing a final, perfect "nudge" - engineered into base - as the shell is closed. Loads are compressed perfectly for consistently perfect loads. The engineered cushion also reduces felt recoil. The shot carrier section is an original design -- absorbing multi-directional energy and delivering straight flying pellets. Do yourself and your Sixteen a favor today.  Up to 1-1/4 ounce field-load data available.



sg16.jpg (5588 bytes)

Sporting 16

Sporting Sixteen - For clays and field

A 1-ounce shotcup is optimum weight for the classic sixteen, creating a "square" load. Superior tear-away petal design, G-ring crush section and an exceptional gas seal create consistent and cleanest burning loads. The sporting sixteen is recommended as the superior pheasant and dove wad. Find out for yourself just how sweet the sixteen-gauge can be!  7/8 to 1 oz. capacity.


Multi-Metal 16ga

New! Multi-Metal 16ga Field Wad

Wads available now - We are currently testing this wad with Bismuth and Hevi-shot for the 2002 hunting season.


20 gauge wads


20-gauge  Commander

20 Gauge Trap/Field Commander
All the best features of the 12 and 16-gauge series Trap Commnader wads scaled perfectly for the 20-gauge. Easy to load and extraordinary results. Includes perfect compression design for solid ignition. Improved patterns for target and game. Excellent choice for all 20 gauge powders.


20 Gauge Steel Shot Wad

20 Gauge Steel Shot Wads
Remember the twenty gauge in the duck blind? Finally, a high performance steel wad just for 20 gauge. Great for upland steel loads or lightning-fast duck loads. Load data found in the Status of Steel manual.  #0207020 Steel Shot Wad



Sporting 20 - For clays and field
Sporting 20 wads have all the exceptional design features of the larger bore G/BP wads, but with proportions and crush sections designed specifically for the 20 gauge. Results are higher velocities and improved patterns. Both have "G" compression ring, tear-away petals and fine-edged seal - trademarks of the finest competition wads available.

Sporting 20 Long

Sporting 20 "Long"

Use "LONG" for Activ, Federal, Fiocchi and other large capacity hulls including three inch loads.  3/4 -7/8 oz. lead shot. 


Sporting 20 Short

Sporting 20 "Short"

Use the "SHORT" in hulls such as Winchester AA, Remington and all other compression formed. 3/4 -7/8 oz. lead shot.  


BPI's Brush Wads


Brush Wads 20, 24, 28 & .410

Why use a brush wad?
Fine shotguns are crafted to produce optimum patterns without shotcups. Brush wads, a platform that does not utilize a shotcup, are favored by shooters who want to faithfully produce patterns designed by the gunmaker.

A shotcup has the net effect of tightening a pattern -- this is why shooters believe that many fine doubles are "overly-constricted." Using a plastic brush wad, you get advantages of the patterns for which your shotgun was designed to produce -- as well as the consistent velocity provided with a modern gas seal. Try the brush wads and see for yourself the patterns for which your shotgun was designed. 12 gauge Brush Wads

BPI's Sporting Wad Series 24, 28 & 32 gauge.


24, 28 & 32 Gauge

Small-Bore Sporting Series - the exotics

The Small Bore Sporting Series yields performance levels not achievable with "average" components. If you are a competitive shooter, or looking for an extra advantage in the field, this is the line for you.

sg28-ii.jpg (8329 bytes)

New! The Sporting 28-II Wad

28 gauge shooters have a new "improved" shotcup option.   We recently replaced the SG28 with a new version - the SG28-II.   The SG28-II features the a lengthened crush section for custom load adjustment and larger shot cup to contain more shot.  The SG28-II can easily accomodate 7/8 to 3/4 ounces of shot.  The SG28-II does not directly replace the original SG28 - data is available for the SG28-II upon request.


hv28.jpg (7152 bytes)

New! The Magnum 28 Wad

The Magnum 28 wad is the first heavy-duty one-piece plastic wad for the 28 gauge.  Many 28 gauge shooters have demanded a heavy-capacity wad for their favorite field loads.  The HV28 Magnum wad loads range from 7/8 to 1 ounce!


.410 Bore Wads


stump&stretch.JPG (23015 bytes)

. 410 Bore Stump (Brush wad)
& Stretch
(3-Inch wad )

.410 bore brush wad "Stump"
3" shotcup  "Stretch"

These little superheros of lead have teamed up to improve your .410 bore shooting - bringing variety and performance to the .410 bore.  Stretch brings 3" loads to life and Stump works in the upland loads.  Superheros of lead!

Order Stump

Order Stretch

Magnum 410

G/BP  Multi-use .410 bore wad

The MG410 shotcup, with an adjustable cushion section, is for 410 gauge hunting loads with lead shot. Widely utilized in three inch loads, the versatile wad is also used in many 2 - 1/2" load configurations.   410 Magnum Four-Ten 1/2 oz.