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410 Thug Slug Performs 9/29/2014
Out of reasons of safety - Do not duplicate my load recipee - this is a recipee for my gun, not yours. I worked this up and it is not possible to say this recipee will work in any other gun. I loaded this Thug-slug into All brass 2.5 inch Magtec Brass. Used 1.3cc 777 powder with 1 nitrox-card, 1/2 of 1/2 inch circlefly wad. then glued an overshot card with elmers glue. This Thug slug performs very well with tight patterns at 40 yards. Which is my Deer kill zone at my hunting site. I gave this 4 stars because the plastic wad colum needs to be a little shorter so that the overshot card can fit better in a 2.5inch magtec brass shell. If I use 1cc of 777 the Thug Slug fits better, but my gun needs 1.3cc of powder.
- Gerald Tomlin, TX