Setting up a Reloading Bench

A proper reloading area should be about waist high. You will want it high enough to get good leverage on the handle but not so high that shell inspection and powder/shot changes are difficult.   A normal table is too low and if you are trying to temporarily secure your loader with C-clamps, you know they eventually work loose.

bench1105.jpg (2751 bytes)
The reloading bench shown in the photo has all the right features.  If you are making one, you may want to consider these guidelines.  You can also purchase a pre-finished unit, ready to use.  Click the link for more details and pricing.
  • 54" x20" work area offers adequate space for tools and materials.
  • 1-1/2" (finished butcher block maple) offers a clean and sturdy surface for mounting reloaders.  Most reloaders bolt directly to the work surface.
  • Work height is 35". 
  • Adequate overhang so that you can stand close to the press and work surface.
  • Deep, heavy duty storage shelves on one side and five heavy steel drawers measuring (16 1/2" x 16 3/4" x 3 13/16" high) on the other.
  • Heavy service drawer pulls and bearing surfaces:  Most of the tools and equipment you'll be storing are both heavy and bulky. 
  • Adjustable leg levelers.