Roll Crimping

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Roll crimping tips:
*Use new hulls
*Use moderate rpm and pressure for best results
*Make sure you have about 1/4" free wall height (on the hull) for rolling
*Put the hull in a Hull Vise to hold it steady during the roll crimping process.

Roll-Crimped Loads
Nearly all high quality double loads were originally roll-crimped. Earlier in the twentieth century it was the custom of the day. Roll crimps also allow for maximum utilization of the shorter hull’s interior volume. Fold crimps require twice as much hull length to establish the closure, therefore hulls and chambers must be longer to accommodate this type of crimp. Fold crimping was a development in ammunition manufactures’ quest for higher speed, low cost loading techniques. As such, fold crimps function well. However, when weighed against roll crimps, fold crimps do not have the same good looks nor chambering efficiency.

Twelve gauge roll crimping enthusiasts have an opportunity to use a clear overshot disk as a "window" to their loads. In the catalog we offer a clear plastic overshot disk that duplicates the appearance and practicality of older cellophane discs. These were, and are, kind of neat in that you can identify your loads by peering at the pellets within. Better than other crimps, the disk crumbles into dust after the load’s initial firing thrust.

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Roll-Crimped loads are easy!
Roll crimps can be used on new hulls for an extra clean look. Roll crimps are achieved by using a special bit that turns over the last 1/4" of a hull — holding an overshot card wad in place. The roll crimping procedure is easy: Place an overshot card on top of the pellet charge, place the roll crimp tool on top of the hull, start the drill (making sure it is turning counter clock-wise as you look down from behind), apply light pressure. Check progress as you go along and you will develop a "feel" for how it is going. Roll the lip down until it makes contact with the overshot card wad. You’re done now.

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The BPI Catalog lists roll crimpers and other specialty tools.