Shotgun Slugs for Handloading

clearovershot.gif (145013 bytes) G/BP Dangerous Game Slugs
12ga 16ga & 20ga

Dangerous Game Slugs are the best performing slug for almost every shotgun and barrel combination.

Lethal downrange energy is combined with stunning accuracy - even in smoothbores. Single-unit wad/slug construction for fast, easy loading.

Roll or fold crimps. The tight fitting gas seal and finely detailed slug structure are engineered to work together for the best possible performance. Exclusive Self adjusting column height for perfect crimps. Rotational vane design stabilizes and reduces friction, increasing accuracy and velocity.

Dangerous Game Slugs are recognized around the world for their quality and applications in almost all types of shotguns.

Easy instructions and recipes for almost all hulls and powders.

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Description Diameter Weight Barrel type
Industrial 8ga .794" 3oz Smooth
Dangerous Game
.735" 1-1/8oz Rifled or Smooth
Dangerous Game
.670" 1oz Rifled or Smooth
Dangerous Game
.625" 7/8oz Rifled or Smooth

Note: Spire tip slugs placed within a tube magazine (i.e. pump or auto shotguns) must not have any protrusions from the crimp. Although it is unlikely, it is possible that the tip of the protruding slug could impact the primer of the shell in front of it. This could be extremely dangerous. A pointed slug should be covered with a cardboard or plastic disc or even fold crimped. Failing that, the shotgunner should only place one slug at a time in a tube magazine.



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New! LBC BluForce Sabot Slug
12ga Saboted Slug

The LBC BluForce Sabot’s exterior is etched with distinctive bore seal rings. This unique design creats a more efficient seal. Above the gas seal are tubed, energy damping crush-sections that absorb the abrupt energy of setback, producing a stabilized projectile. The result is higher velocity and greater shot-to-shot consistency.

The .650" diameter slug, like all Dangerous Game Slugs, is engineered for in-flight stability and maximum impact at the target.

Uncompressed outside diameter of the sabot is specified for modern rifled barrels at a land-following .725".

With design cues taken from the military’s depleted-uranium tank killer rounds, the LBC BluForce Sabot Slug offers unparalleled penetration, knockdown power and down-range accuracty in a lead slug.

Description Diameter Weight Barrel type
LBC BluForce Sabot Slug .739" 1oz Rifled or Smooth


Gbp410.tif (25778 bytes)

Light Game Slugs
28 gauge & .410 bore

Fun and challenging game/target shooting with the .410 and 28 gauge. Europeans use their .410s (36 gauges) and 28s with great success in the field. Reason? It's the components. Give them a try in your .410 or 28 gauge.

Description Diameter Weight Barrel type
Light Game
.505" 183 grains Rifled or smooth
Light Game
.375" 93 grains Rifled or smooth


aqslugs1.jpg (19743 bytes) AQ
Accuracy & velocity for 12ga Smoothbores
The AQ has been a BPI favorite for 20 years. Nylon fins, attached to the round ball, set up stabilizing rotation for superb long-range accuracy and knock down power. You will not find a more accurate slug for a 12 gauge smoothbore shotgun. Easy to load great to shoot!
Description Diameter Weight Barrel type
12ga AQ slug .735" ball
.740" base
1oz smooth


roundball.JPG (13452 bytes) Improved Round Ball Slugs
(.690 & .715)

The .690 is perfect for the 12 gauge because it fits neatly inside a standard 12 gauge shotcup. The slug for those who were paying attention in class; they still work great!

Description Diameter Weight Barrel type
.690 Round Ball .690" 487gr Rifled or smooth
.715 Round Ball .715" 550gr Rifled or smooth