-Filler Wads -
for high-performance loads

Filler wads are used with all hunting wads and loads. Placed under the shot, they raise the shot column up to a proper height for crimping. Since even a change in shot size will determine which thickness you will need, we have many different sizes available to you. To use a filler wad, simply place a cork or felt wad on the base of the wad (you can use a finger or a rammer tube) and the shot charge on top of it. Besides load adjustment, filler wads will protect the wad and shot column too. Use various combinations of filler wads to achieve a flat crimp with a depth of approximately 1/8" from the top edge of the shotshell. It is important that the crimps are tight.

Overshot card wads are placed on top of the shot - just before crimping. Overshot cards give a stable platform for the crimp - one of the most critical factors of a proper loads.

Follow the links below to various types of filler and card wads we have available.

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Fiber Filler Wads - splittable
Fiber filler wads are extremely light and flexible. They are used as a cushion and a filler because they have the ability to compress a bit during crimping and during firing - reducing felt recoil. Fiber wads can be easily split with a fingernail for custom load adjustments.

Nitro Card Wads - .100" -.135"
Nitro cards, by tradition, and still used as such by black powder shotgunners and purveyors of European loads, are a seal between the powder and the shot, used in place of, or in addition to a plastic shotcup. Modern applications use them as well for a fine-tuning spacer wad inside the shotcup. (Use a 20 gauge inside a 12 gauge cup). Nitro card wads are constructed of a specilized material selected to withstand the tortures of slow-burning powders and heavy payloads. Nitro cards available in three-thicknesses.
Ultra-Thin Overshot
Tyvek Discs are ideal for magnum steel and Hevi-shot loads. Don't overlook this important step! Tyvek discs provide pellet necessary containment to the shotcup. Tyvek discs, placed on the base of the shotcup, perform as an over-cushion wad. Thin as they are, they minimize the chance of pellets harming the wad, thus giving better patterns and improved pellet counts. 10 & 12 gauge.
Clear Overshot Disks
Another BP original - the clear overshot card for roll crimps. You know instantly what is inside every load. Excellent topcard for spreader wads. Stable platform develops near-perfect roll crimps -- every time. Use in any overshot card application. .080" Thick.
Cardboard Overshot Cards
Place an overshot card on top of the shot charge just before crimping. Overshot cards ensure flatter, tighter crimps; more consistent load combustion and pellet containment. .030" thick. recommended for all high performance loads.

Steel pellets should never be allowed to contact with the barrel. Besides the benefits of a proper crimp, overshot cards do the critical work of containing pellets within the shotcup during the firing cycle and during the journey through your shotgun's barrel.

Cork Filler Wads
Cork wads are recommended for all magnum loading applications to protect the base of the shotcup. Cork wads are placed under the shot bringing the load up to perfect crimping height. Different shot sizes will vary the height of the load. Cork wads are light, dense and very flexible - desirable for maximum performance. Cork wads can be stacked to accomodate any height requirements. Use 12 gauge cork wads inside 10 gauge shotcups and 20 gauge cork wads inside 12 gauge shotcups.
Tactical Felt Cushion Wads
Tactical felt wads surround and protect projectile(s) 1/4" thick with a .375" inside diameter.
Felt Cushion Wads
Unsurpassed energy absorption and cushioning make Felt material ideally suited as a cushion wad. Felt wads have been the first choice for shotshell loaders for several generations. Nothing has changed. We have used and recommended felt wads for hunting loads because they can accomodate many different loads and shot sizes. Use 20 gauge wads in 12 gauge applications and 12 gauge wads in 10 gauge applications.

Wool Felt, Cork and Tyvek wads protect the shotcup base. Magnum-velocity loads focus punishment upon the base of a shotcup. Placing a basewad underneath the shot payload gives shotcups an extra measure of protection - as well as giving the shooter some relief from felt recoil.