12ga Magnets (5/pak) *select brass or nickel

12ga Magnets (5/pak)  *select brass or nickel
Item Number: 105LSM5
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Detailed Description

12ga Brass Magnets

These refrigerator magnets are the coolest!

12-gauge shotgun shell magnets not only make a statement, but are also functional. Manufactured from once-fired, American-made 12 gauge shotgun shells, these truly are an American product. The magnets are strong and completely safe and do not have live primers, or gun powder. 

This unique piece is great for the fridge, you man cave, your hunting lodge, or a perfect gift.

  • Authentic American made ammunition
  • 12ga hulls
  • Neodymium Magnets
  • 5 magnets per pack
  • Made in USA

Made from real 12ga hull components. Does not contain gun powder or an active primer. These openers resemble live ammunition, so be aware and do not take them where live ammunition would not be permitted (school, airplane, etc). These designs may contain sealed lead components, therefore use by children 12 years and younger is not recommended.