12ga x .070 White Nitro Card (per/1000)

12ga x .070 White Nitro Card (per/1000)
Item Number: N712W
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Detailed Description

#N7 Nitro Card .070" White (1000/bag)

Nitro cards are used as a seal between the powder and the shot. They can be used in place of a plastic shotcup in fiber wad loads.

Many modern load designs use nitro card wads within a shotcup for volume management. They can also be placed over the powder and underneath the wad to push up the entire shot column.


  • Overpowder applications
  • Overshot applications
  • Spacer wad applications
  • Two-sided coating

When used as overshot cards, the N712W produces better crimps and serves as a valuable spacer. It also works great in roll-crimped loads.

Nitro card wads are constructed of a specialized material selected to withstand the tortures of slow-burning powders and heavy payloads.

Product Type: Card Wad, .070" nitro card
Size: 12ga
Specifications:x .070" (industry tolerances apply, thickness can vary +/- .005" due to production variation.)
Typical Loads: Loads requiring filler wads (LE and military), retro-style fiber wad loads, filler wads.

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