3/8 Fiber Filler Wad (200/bag)

3/8 Fiber Filler Wad  (200/bag)
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Detailed Description


Fiber Cushion/Filler Wad 3/8" (500/bag)  

We have upgraded the 3/8 inch filler wad to a waxed wad.  Here is a link to the 3/8 inch waxed hard card.

Our prelubed fiber filler/cushion wads are extremely lightweight and prelubed for ease of loading. They are same material as our standard FC fiber wads. The lubricant also greatly reduces fiber dust around your loading operations.

These can be used as a cushion and/or a filler. They have the ability to compress a bit during crimping and during firing. Fiber wads can be easily split with a fingernail for custom load adjustments.

  • .375" thick
  • Sizes ranging from 10ga - .410

Product Type: Fiber Cushion Wad, .375"
Size: (*Select gauge)
Specifications:x .375" (Industry tolerances apply: Dimensions can vary due to material variation, production variation and humidity)

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