800 Plus progressive shotshell reloader w/ EZ-Seal Top Plate

800 Plus progressive shotshell reloader w/ EZ-Seal Top Plate
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Detailed Description

800 Plus progressive shotshell reloader w/ EZ-Seal Top Plate


Our lab has been using the model 375 to load our test loads for as long as we've been in business. In fact, we still have, and use, the first one we ever bought.

The 800 Plus is equipped with the star gear, index pad, and main index gear. These system gives you that postive "click" of confidence when the machine is indexed.


  • Die-removal cylinder
  • Full-length resizing
  • Large automatic primer feed system
  • Maximum-leverage handle for easy actuation
  • Taper crimp system
  • Quick and easy shell removal at virtually any station
  • EZ-Fill access hopper holds about a pound of powder and 25 lbs. of shot
  • Brass external adjusting primer feed assembly
  • New Patent Pending spring loaded floating powder seal
  • Bushing pullers have been integrated into the plugs
  • Steel Bushing access plugs
  • Includes all other standard features found on PW's reliable progressive reloaders

Another great feature of the 800 Plus is the availability of quick-changing tooling kits. Since the 800 Plus does not have a center shaft, these tooling kits are easily installed in a tool head, allowing you to convert to another gauge in under 5 minutes and with no need to re-adjust any of the crimping stages.

Bushings Included:

12 gauge: H, #6 (1-1/8 oz)

16 gauge: 16ga. - #5 and G1

20 gauge: D, #4 (7/8 oz)

28 gauge: B, #3 (3/4 oz)

.410 bore: 2A - #1 (1/2 oz)

Curmudgeon's Loading Tips:

Progressive reloaders: These are the Ferraris of reloading. They crank out simple loads very fast and they can save you time and a lot of money on ammuniton. Like Ferraris, reloaders aren't meant to cover every specific task. If you plan on loading hunting loads or if you like variety in your loads, please take a look at a single-stage reloader, like the PW 375C. The proper tool for the job always makes your life easier.  

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