Adjustable Shot Dipper

Adjustable Shot Dipper
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Adjustable Shot Dipper

An adjustable shot dipper measures shot payloads by volume. The base slides in and out on a notched track that holds it in one of 8 pre-calibrated positions.

Although the numbers are graduated for lead shot, any type of shot can be used in the dipper.  

  1. Weigh out your payload on a calibrated scale.  If you are using a grain scale, you will need one that goes up to at least 437.5 grains (one ounce).  It's okay to break the load into two dippers in order to accommodate your scale's or your load's maximum payload. 
    (For instance, to achieve 1-1/2 oz: Measure out 437.5 grains = 1oz. divide 437.5 by 2 = 218.75 gr = 1/2 oz. Add this amount to the other.)
  2. Open the Adjustable Shot Dipper to it's tallest position.
  3. Pour payload into the shot dipper.
  4. Put your hand over the top to avoid spilling and close the dipper until the payload sits level with the top.
  5. Note the setting of the dipper (marked on the calibration lines).  Write it down and check frequently to make sure that you remain in adjustment.
  6. Scoop pellets into dipper. Pour payload into your wad or shotcup.

Curmudgeon's Loading Tips:

Using the Adjustable Shot Dipper:  Different shot sizes will occupy different volumes, even if both are the same base material.  For example, #2 steel will occupy more volume than #4 steel. We have found that the Adjustable Shot Dipper, because you can visually monitor the load, is more accurate than shot bushings,  and certainly less time consuming than other methods of shot metering.

Steel occupies about 30 percent more volume per weight than lead.   Both volume and weight are factors in a load.  

Always follow the recipe's recommendations for payloads and check your actual weight on a reliable scale.

(For more great load data and loading hints, click on the Curmudgeon and sign up for our weekly email updates and product specials.)

Dipper's Lead Lead Lead Lead Lead Lead Lead Lead Lead
markings: 7/8 oz 1 oz 1-1/8 oz 1-1/4 oz 1-3/8 oz 1-1/2 oz 1-5/8 oz 1-3/4 oz 1-7/8 oz
#4 lead  118 135 152 169 186 203 219 236 253
#4 steel 112 128 144 160 176 192 208 224 240

Made in USA

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