BP2895 28ga wad (250/bag)

BP2895 28ga wad (250/bag)
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BP2895 28ga wad (250/bag) 
The BP2895 provides excellent shot protection with its deep shotcup (1.055"). An energy-absorption section of .405" reduces spike pressures and the initial shock of high-velocity and heavy long-range loads. In June 2023 SAAMI announced the new pressure ceiling of the 28ga 3" shotgun. Given this startling development, our lab is projecting the BP2895 to be an ideal component combination with Fiocchi, Cheddite, and Federal 28ga 3" hulls and loads.

Design: The deep shotcup BP2895 is designed to load 5/8 oz of bismuth shot (#6) and 3/4 oz of lead shot within the cup. Overflow loads will accommodate more shot. The overall length of the BP2895 is almost the same as the TPS28 wad. In fact, the BP2895 is our longest 28ga cushioned wad in our entire lineup. The tabbed two-slit design creates optimal conditions for tight long-range patterns.

Our ballistic lab is currently working on new offerings for this superb addition to our 28-gauge tool kit. The thick cup and specialized molding material may allow for other non-toxic payloads along with Mylar Wrap. Keep an eye on Load of the Week for more developmental information.


  • Overall length: 1.735"
  • Gas seal diameter: .545"
  • Shotcup depth: 1.05"
  • Preslit with two tabbed slits (80% of shotcup)
  • Lead Shot load range: 3/4 to 7/8 oz
  • Bismuth Shot load range: 5/8 to 3/4 oz 

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