BPI Wad Popper

BPI Wad Popper
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Wad Popper Tool 
This is the Curmudgeon's own design. He was frustrated by not having a handy and portable tool that could safely dislodge barrel obstructions. So, he designed it himself.
Machined from solid brass with a gentle radius on each end (no rough edges), the Wad Popper is the safe way to dislodge obstructions from 10ga - 28ga shotgun barrels. It's simple to use- just drop through a shotgun barrel to safely dislodge an obstruction. Compact size is the key - it fits in a pocket or hooks to your range bag. If you need to clear a barrel, you'll be very glad you have it.
WARNING: Never ever try to remove an obstruction from your barrel by shooting through the obstruction.

Product Type: Tool, wad removal
Application:  Field kit
Made in USA

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