BPI's Load Log Book

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Load Log Book II

revised and updated - all new for 2022

Detailed record keeping is the first step in reloading safety and loading wisdom. To become better at your craft, you must know and understand your ammunition AND what exactly goes inside your ammunition. The completely updated and revised BPI Load Log Book utilizes our half century of knowledge to help guide YOU down the path of reloading wisdom. This essential Load Log is specifically for shotshell handloaders.  The book contains pre-formatted pages (see additional images for examples) which will allow you to organize your information for superior loading performance.

  • Ammunition Log: Load source, loader adjustments, components required, performance notes and more.
  • Curmudgeon's Tips: Learn from the Curmudgeon's wit and wisdom on every load entry.
  • Size: 120 pages, 6.5" x 9"
  • Includes pellet count charts and conversion charts
  • Spiral bound with heavyweight navy blue cover stock and glorious foil imprint  

Remember, detailed record keeping is what separates us from the animals and makes us alpha-predators. The Load Log Book means that you will no longer be searching for scattered sheets of paper on your reloading bench or trying to remember what worked last year.

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