BRP-12 wad 12ga (250/bag)

BRP-12 wad 12ga (250/bag)
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Detailed Description

BRP-12 Wad 12ga

The BRP-12 is subtle design variation of the Original 12ga Brush Wad. It is a symmetrical double-ended gas seal with a G-type impact reduction chamber.  The cushion sections are almost identical to the Brush Wad. In fact, it is molded in green resin so that a clear distinction can be made between the two wads.

Since it is symmetrical, the BRP-12 can be loaded either up or down; no orientation is required when loading.  It is ideal for short-range brush loads because it evenly distributes pellets for effective lethal shots at ranges of 10-35 yards.   It is especially effective on first-shot upland loads, rabbit stations, and short to mid-range springing targets.   The BRP-12  also excels for shots such as grouse, quail, pheasant, and woodcock.   For even greater spread try supplementing it with the X-Stream Spreader Insert with any load.  

The BRP-12 is different from the BW12 in that the top and bottom surfaces are flat. This completely cupless design makes it even better for buckshot loads and as a cushioned gas seal platform for many slug loads. This is one of our most versatile wads.

  • Type: 12-gauge cushioned gas seal (slug and buck platform)
  • Body: 0.810" tall
  • Diameter: 0.732"
  • Seal top to platform: 0.015"

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