Beartooth ScopeGuard 2.0 - Open, Realtree Xtra

Beartooth ScopeGuard 2.0 - Open, Realtree Xtra
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Detailed Description

Beartooth ScopeGuard 2.0 - Open (Realtree Xtra)

Objectively speaking...Why pay hundreds of dollars (or more) for a scope and not protect your investment? Our ScopeGuard 2.0 is the easy way to extend the life of your scope by eliminating unnecessary wear and tear. Heavy-duty neoprene construction is shock absorbent, water resistant, and prevents harmful dirt and debris penetration. Other scope covers need to be taken off, while Beartooth’s open ends allow for in-the-field use, where most damage occurs. The 2.0 version is improved from the first generation ScopeGuard - better fit, construction, and materials. No more Velcro closure. Instead the bottom opening is lined with elastic - which provides a nice, snug fit. Sides can be pulled up to easily access turrets for necessary adjustments. Also features foldover trim for styling and rubber-backed ends on the objective and eyepiece to keep cover in place. Can be used in combination with plastic flip-up caps (although we are preferential to our ScopeMitt - which has neoprene flip-up mitts). If you are looking for a full-time scope cover, you have found your solution.



  • Constructed of heavy-duty 2.5mm rubber-backed neoprene
  • Easily access turrets without removing cover
  • Protects scope body, reduces glare, repels moisture
  • Easy to put on and take off, no need to remove scope to install
  • Stealth materials - no plastic or Velcro
  • Premium construction, materials, and styling

ScopeGuard 2.0 Sizing Chart:


 Accommodation Range

40mm Short

12" - 13.5"

40mm Long

13.5" - 15"

50mm Short

12" - 13.5"

50mm Long

13.5" - 15.5"


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  • Gun part/accessory 
  • Made in USA