Black Buttstock Spacer; Flat 1/2

Black Buttstock Spacer; Flat 1/2
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Detailed Description

Black Buttstock Spacer; Flat 1/2"   

Buttstock and Pitch Spacers are ideal for fine tuning your shotgun's fit. Since every shotgun stock and individual shooter is different, correcting guns that shoot too low or too high is an important fine-tuning step with every shotgun. All spacers are made from polymer for superior sanding & finishing characteristics. Slotted holes make them easy for any shooter to install at home. You can find the perfect fit.

Product Information:

  • Spacers allow for adjustment of length of pull for the perfect fit.
  • Grind to match the contour of any stock.
  • Rub with oil or varnish add sheen.
  • Material: Polymer
  • Finish: black
  • Stong, lightweight, superior sanding and finishing properties
  • Gunsmithing may be required
  • Slotted holes for easy fitting
  • Available in three thicknesses

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