CSD-35 12ga steel wad 1-1/4 oz (250/bag)

CSD-35 12ga steel wad 1-1/4 oz (250/bag)
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CSD-35 12ga steel/non-toxic wad unslit (250/bag)                        

The CSD series of wads offer wide array of capacity options along with a revolutionary energy-absorbing cushion system. These multi-capacity, barrel protecting shotcups are designed for steel, tungsten, and large capacity lead field loads.

  OAL = 1.838"

  Depth = 1.530"

CSD series wads are available in the following sizes:

  • CSD078 12ga for 7/8 oz. steel
  • CSD100 12ga for 1 oz. steel
  • CSD118 12ga for 1-1/8 oz. steel
  • CSD-35  12ga for 1-1/4 oz. steel
  • CSD114 12ga for 1-1/2 oz. steel
  • CSD16 16ga for 7/8 oz. steel
  • CSD20 20ga for 7/8 oz. steel
  • CSD203 20ga 3" for 1 oz. steel

The CSD wad series combines easy loading with high performance results. CSD wads are not pre-slit. We recommend our Stainless Steel Wad Snips to cut the number of petals best suited for your shooting and intended range.

Loading data for the CSD series may be found here:

Product Type: 12ga wad, target & field
Specifications: see chart, industry tolerances apply
Applications: Recommended shot sizes #3 and smaller.
Load Data: See
Advantages and Status of Steel manuals for load options.
Volume/Bulk Pricing: Contact our customer service dept.

Made in Italy

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3 or 3 1/2 inch 5/8/2024
This is to help Kindreds review-CSD35 is for 3 and CSD114 is for 3 1/2
Great Wads 2/14/2024
These are great Wads for 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 loads in 3 inch hulls. I wish there was more load data for these in status of steel. Im hoping one day BPI fixes the model number on these because the 114 was obviously supposed to be for 1-1/4 and the CSD-35 was supposed to be for 3-1/2. Its confusing and needs to be fixed
good buckshot wad 11/22/2022
This wad is very good for buckshot with 4 long slits or shorter slits I pattern my buckshot at 55yds on a 22in by 22in of packing paper I buy at Walmart and get 30 to 50 percent of the pellets in an area the size of my hand with 00buck and 0buck in 12ga 3.5 in with chokes running from 710diameter to 690 diameter with the best patterns with my cast pellets with 2percent antimony added.But ballistic products buckshot is hard to beat .
- Dennis Vance, NJ

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