CSD118 12ga steel wad (250/bag)

CSD118 12ga steel wad (250/bag)
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CSD118 12ga steel/non-toxic wad unslit (250/bag)                        

The CSD series of wads offer wide array of capacity options along with a revolutionary energy-absorbing cushion system. These multi-capacity, barrel protecting shotcups are designed for steel, tungsten, and large capacity lead field loads.

CSD series wads are available in the following sizes:

  • CSD078 12ga for 7/8 oz. steel
  • CSD100 12ga for 1 oz. steel
  • CSD118 12ga for 1-1/8 oz. steel
  • CSD-35  12ga for 1-1/4 oz. steel
  • CSD114 12ga for 1-1/2 oz. steel
  • CSD16 16ga for 7/8 oz. steel
  • CSD20 20ga for 7/8 oz. steel
  • CSD203 20ga 3" for 1 oz. steel

The CSD wad series combines easy loading with high performance results. CSD wads are not pre-slit. We recommend our Stainless Steel Wad Snips to cut the number of petals best suited for your shooting and intended range.

Loading data for the CSD series may be found here:

Product Type: 12ga wad, target & field
Specifications: see chart, industry tolerances apply
Applications: Recommended shot sizes #3 and smaller.
Load Data: See
Advantages and Status of Steel manuals for load options.
Volume/Bulk Pricing: Contact our customer service dept.

Made in Italy

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CSD WADS 6/16/2020
Used the 1oz., 11/8oz., 1 1/4oz.. loved all the WADS, did as advertised. Only thing I did not like about them was I bought the unslit to save money, a lot of work. Recommend getting the preslit.
CSD 118 wads 3/17/2017
I bought these wads with the understanding they were multi metal wads but cant find any load data for lead shot like I believed I would be able to ,I even bought advantages manual from bp still no loads
great wads 5/22/2013
i just started reloading steel shot last year and these are by far the best wads i have used. use a full 11/8oz of #3 steel and Bs.
- Dustin Williams, TX
CSD1.1/8 wads 2/16/2013
Loading these wads 4-slit in FGM 12/2.75 with 1.1/6 #3. Have used load on phesants and ducks with excellent results.
great wad 10/16/2011
Been loading these with 6 slits, 1 1/16 oz no 3 or 4 steel in GM hulls over Alt. Stl for years. Absolutely crushes woodies, teal and close in mallards. My go-to wad and bread and butter load for most of my duck shooting. Easy to load, great patterns and consistency.

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