CTPS-47 Cushioned TPS wad (200/bag)

CTPS-47 Cushioned TPS wad (200/bag)
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TPS-47 Multi-Metal wad for 12ga

The TPS-47 is designed with our latest innovation: Seal-Slit Technology. Our 45-degree slit is self-sealing. This feature gives your ammunition one more level of bore security. The TPS-46 is a cushioned wad for non-toxic shot and field loads. It is specifically designed to handle a wide range of pellet materials: lead, steel, bismuth, BPX Devastator, and tungsten. 



  • Overall length: 1.949"
  • Shotcup depth:  1.443"
  • Cushion section: .205"
  • Wall Thickness: .055"
  • Gas Seal: .736"
  • Product Type: Wad, preslit. Multi-Metal type for field use.

MAXIMUM SHOT VOLUMES (Will vary according to shot size used):

  • Steel: 455 gr. (about 1 oz.)
  • Bismuth: 566 grains (about 1-1/4 oz.)
  • BPX-12: 695 grains (a bit more than 1-1/2 oz.)
  • Tungsten 15.0: 870 grains (about 2 oz.)
  • Tungsten 18.0: 1064 grains

NOTE: No wad can completely eliminate the risk of scoring or abrasion. Pellet materials harder than your gun's barrel can still cause damage. Follow only tested and published load data. READ AND UNDERSTAND A RELEVANT LOADING MANUAL BEFORE YOU START TO LOAD.


Made in USA

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