Cheddite 10ga 3-1/2 (86mm) hulls (50/bag)

Cheddite 10ga 3-1/2 (86mm) hulls (50/bag)
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Detailed Description

Cheddite 10ga 3-1/2" (86mm) new primed hull 16mm (bag/50) 


If cartridge manufacturers do not produce their own hulls, then it is a good chance that they may be using Cheddite hulls. These are reliable straight-wall hulls. They are extremely versatile for almost all load types. They crimp easily, either with a fold or roll. Primed with the reliable CX2000 (known as the Cheddite-209 in the USA).

Crimping new hulls: Our Super Crown Crimp Starter will make your crimping easier with much more satisfying results. Improved crimps and more complete powder ignition will result.

Shipping primed hulls: Remember, new/primed hulls are your best value and there is never a Hazmat charge when you ship them via ground service in the contiguous U.S.

  • Color: Red
  • Top Edge: Skived
  • Length: 86mm
  • Brass: 20mm
  • Primer: Cheddite 209 primer (Cheddite CX2000)
  • Headstamp: "10" with stars
  • Wall Thickness: 0.030"

Made in France


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Very Good Hulls ! 12/8/2021
I have used these hulls with great results for years. I both roll crimp and fold crimp them. I have loads that shoot great in them and I highly recommend them !
- James Walker, NC
Update to a previous review 3/30/2019
Being an engineer I kind of get uptight about details and forget how well things can adapt to different applications. I have learned to take a step back and re-evaluate. Yes these hulls are the shortest of the Federal and Remington but they are still a great hull. I found a nice load to use, there are many usable ones in the BPI manuals. I have been roll crimping a lot of shells these days and these worked out great since length is not as critical. Most of these hulls in 10 gauge for hunting do not stand up well to repeat loadings so durability is not as important as perhaps a target load. These hulls do still look good after the first firing and can probably be reloaded at least once. The cost is good and the quality is good. They are definitely worth trying and you may decide they are ideal for your use.
- Joe Leighty, PA
Nice quality but too short 8/26/2017
Like one of the other reviews I found that these hulls are the shortest compared to Federal and Remington. SAAMI specs allow a full .25 variation in length. I can trim the Remington hulls to match the Federal without any major issues but the Cheddite are just too short. Im hoping the new Mighty 10 manual will have roll crimp loads so I can use up the Cheddites. They are nicely made but just too short.
Cheddite hulls are made in France and are used by cartridge manufacturers all over the world. Because they are made in Europe, they are made to metric specifications, which is 86mm in length. This is just a little shorter than U.S.-made 3-1/2" hulls. Our Cheddite loads are built to accommodate this slight difference and roll crimping is a great alternative and the best way to achieve an ideal crimp. Our lab continues to produce more loads for this hull because it is one of the best made hulls in the world. Make your loading easier by picking up a 10ga Roll Crimper. You'll be glad you did!
--BP Lab
Great value, fast shipping 11/14/2016
Hulls work great. I have to make up my own load data but thats the fun part, right? These are better priced than the other seller theres only two players in the 10 gauge market
- C, CA
Wheres the load info? 10/3/2015
These are quality hulls, as is usual from Cheddite. This is also a welcome addition for what is a VERY limited selection when it comes to 10 gauge hulls. My only issue is, where is the loading info? Load recipes for this hull are virtually nonexistent, hence the 3 star rating. The current Cheddite manual only offers 2 lead loads! What a shame!
- Brian, NC
The upcoming revision of the "Mighty Ten" manual will have many new loads for the Cheddite hull. We continue to work with this finely made hull in our lab.
--BP Lab

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