Cheddite 12ga 2-3/4 16mm (bag/100)

Cheddite 12ga 2-3/4 16mm (bag/100)
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Detailed Description

Cheddite 12ga 2-3/4" new/primed 16mm brass hulls (100/bag)
  • Color: Choose color from drop down menu
  • Top Edge: Skived
  • Brass: 16mm
  • Primer: Cheddite-209
  • Headstamp: generic "12 * 12 *"


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Cheddite produces high quality hulls of all gauges and lengths for manufacturing clients all over the world. They produce well over a billion hulls every year. These are reliable straight-wall hulls; extremely versatile for almost all load types. They are skived and crimp easily with a fold or roll.

Crimping: We prefer using a Super Crown Crimp Starter on new tubes because they generally need a little extra crimp memory. Roll crimps also work very well on these hulls.

Shipping: Hulls are not regulated under 49CFR Special Provision 50. This means there is NO Hazmat charge when shipped by U.S. ground service. Contains a Cheddite 209 primer (Cheddite CX2000).


Made in France

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Fantastic Hulls! 5/29/2023
I shoot 1oz loads for trap and 1-1/8oz for hunting. I loaded a batch and shot them. I did that and on the 9th loading, I decided to dump them. Everything was looking good but the crimps. At the 7th, 8th and 9th loading, the crimps started to mess up if you didnt watch them. Other than that, they loaded as many times as my Winchester AA hulls. These hulls crimp Easily and hold a crimp nicely. I used Cheddite primes and they all seem to be tight after the last of the loadings. All in all, Im very impressed. Ill be buying some more while they are in stock to stock up for any future dry spell that may happen.
- Eric, NY
Great hulls, all gauges 6/27/2022
Cheddite hulls are my goto hulls for 12, 20 and 28 gauge. 7/8 oz in super spark for trap, 1 1/8 oz NP5 in Z21 for Pheasants. 7/8 oz in TC20 in 20 ga for grouse and pheasants. 3/4 or 7/8 oz in SG28, 28 ga for grouse.
Chedite 16mm 23/4 12g primed shells 1/19/2022
Great for sporting clays. Use 11/8 oz clay buster 12s3 wad. Number8 shot and 700x powder.mec reloader with 32 bushing They reload great,using 8 crimp!
Recommend 3/29/2021
Great hulls! New to reloading but with the cheddite manual and this halls put together a great round for my upland bird hunting. Crimps nice and holds well
Nice hull to work with. 3/5/2016
Ive been using more Cheddite hulls in recent years and have come to make them one of my primary hulls. They are well made and easy to work with. They load easily, crimp nicely and open back up fairly well for reloading. I particularly like the clear hulls as you can see what is loaded inside and with Nickle Plated 00 Buck they make a very pretty shell.
- Joe L, PA
great hull 3/25/2014
very easy to work with like these the best use pt 1215 wad #8 shot for trap good deal I do have to use a over shot card then they are perfect
- daver, MI
Clear Cheddite 12ga 2-3/4 2/5/2014
I am only giving it 4 stars purely because I havent had a chance to test out how they roll crimp yet. but so far the 8 point is amazing everything I expected.
Fantastic Value 8/6/2013
These are some of the easiest to load and re-load hulls Ive ever used. Never had a single problem with them. Theyre almost too easy. At first I thought I must be doing something wrong. Nope. Theyre just a fantastic value.
- SoCal Ammosmith, CA
clear hulls 4/14/2013
as we have no smokeless powder available here, i loaded these hulls with black powder for use in my single shot and double barrel. 80 grains ffg, nitro card,lubed 1/2 inch fiber wad, 11/8 ounce #6 shot, overshot card and crimp. I was amazed how easy these hulls loaded and crimped. And you can see everything you loaded into the hull. I love these hulls! The black powder may make these hulls a one time good deal, but at these prices I am going to buy more.
Patrick Kinney
Excellent hull! 9/22/2011
These hulls are top-shelf of the highest quality. All of the brass are bright and shiney. The base stampings are crisp with clean detail. The primers are well seated and evenly shaped. The side wall plastics are clear and lightly ribbed. The overall fit and finish are very, very good. I was highly impressed with this product.
- H.B. Douglas, OH

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