Cheddite 20ga 2-3/4 8mm brass, primed and skived (bag/100)

Cheddite 20ga 2-3/4 8mm brass, primed and skived (bag/100)
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Detailed Description

Cheddite 20ga 2-3/4" new/primed 8mm brass hulls (100/bag)
  • Color: Yellow
  • Top Edge: Skived
  • Brass: 8mm
  • Primer: Cheddite-209
  • Headstamp: "20 (stars)" generic
Cheddite produces high quality hulls of all gauges and lengths for manufacturing clients all over the world. They produce well over a billion hulls every year. These are reliable straight-wall hulls; extremely versatile for almost all load types. They are skived and crimp easily with a fold or roll.

Crimping: We prefer using a Super Crown Crimp Starter on new tubes because they generally need a little extra crimp memory. Roll crimps also work very well on these hulls.

Shipping: Hulls are not regulated under 49CFR Special Provision 50. This means there is NO Hazmat charge when shipped by U.S. ground service. Contains a Cheddite 209 primer (Cheddite CX2000).

Comparison of 20ga hulls:

Part # Mfg. Gauge Length Specs Primer Volume*
#0622070 Federal 20ga 2.653 yellow/skived Fed 209A 1195
#1392070 Cheddite 20ga 2.724 yellow/skived Ched-209 1238
#0642020 Fiocchi 20ga 2.724 yellow/skived Fiocchi 616 1219
#RIO207016 Rio 20ga 2.734 yellow/skived Rio 209 1232
*Volume is determined by grains of #7-1/2 lead shot that fit into the hull. 

Made in France


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