Cheddite 12ga 3 16mm brass primed/skived (bag/100)

Cheddite 12ga 3 16mm brass primed/skived (bag/100)
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Detailed Description

Cheddite 12ga 3" 16mm (bag/100) 

  • Color:   (select above)
  • Skived tube
  • 16mm brass
  • Cheddite 209 Primer
  • Mfg by Cheddite of France

Cheddite produces high quality hulls of all gauges and lengths for manufacturing clients all over the world. They produce well over a billion hulls every year. These are reliable straight-wall hulls; extremely versatile for almost all load types. They are skived and crimp easily with a fold or roll. We prefer using a Super Crown Crimp Starter on new tubes because they generally need a little extra crimp memory.

Hulls are not regulated under 49CFR Special Provision 50. This means there is NO Hazmat charge when shipped by U.S. ground service. Contains a Cheddite 209 primer (Cheddite CX2000).

Product Type: New and primed shotshell hulls
Size/Length: 12ga 3"
Specs: Skived top edge, Cheddite-209 primer (industry tolerances apply to all measurements)
SHIPPING: Ammunition or hulls shipped by ground service do not require a HazMat fee. Any ammunition shipped by air service does require an Air HazMat fee. Our sales associates can help you with any questions.
WARNING: You must be 18 years or older to purchase ammunition. Always make sure you use the correct ammunition for your specific firearm. Check local laws for other regulations. ATTENTION: Residents of DE, DC, IL, MA, NY, and OH please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering any ammunition products.

Made in France

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The Go To Hull 8/9/2022
These are my go to hull for 2 reasons, 1 available more than other brands, and 2, metric Cheddite primers tend to be available more. They load well, stand up to 5 buckshot or more loads steel and crimp decent. Other brands crimp better, but I offset this by running the final hull thru the last stage of a progressive press use a single stage to load to get the top rim cleaned up and rounded over. Its more of a visual thing, prob zero effect on performance. P.S., the hulls are similar to Rem Nitro and Fios in loading capacity.
Paul Rodriguez
Works great 6/19/2022
Im loading steel shot for next waterfowl season and these hulls work great. They seem to cycle and shoot just fine. Pattern good also. Its gonna be easy to see and pick up these hulls out of the mud at the lake.
Clear Hulls are the Bees Knees 2/23/2022
These are the last color I ever thought would come back in stock. Havent used them yet. But, heard nothing but good things about cheddite, whether its their primers, hulls, or anything else made by them. Cant wait to have finished shells that will possess both form and function.
Good hulls 1/4/2021
Theyve worked out well for buffered 00 BK loads, all have been roll crimped and fed and ejected with no issues. The white hulls require no labeling with the buffered load you can see the 00 pellets thru the hull. I will most likely make these buckshot only hulls for easy ID at a glance. Rarely gets below freezing where I live so no worries about the cold weather primer failures mentioned in the other reviews, but thats good knowledge being passed on.
- John Hartgrove, AR
Great hull 10/11/2020
Ive used name brand like Winchester and Remington for a long time. But since Ive used these cheddite hulls they are my #1 hull to use Either fold or roll crimp they load really good and universal use with many different wads and powders
Good shells 1/11/2019
Good shells
Yes They Work 12/25/2013
They load good they feed good they shoot good and they reload again. never any problems. I Like the hull.
- Gader, IL
Set a few things strait 3/7/2013
Hav fired 900 of these so far. Got 1000 left. They are of descent quality. They cycle good eject good etc. Ok heres the kicker if you load with Steel powder you will have issues in cold weather with Cheddite primers. The Alliant site says to use Fed 209a primers. If you use 616s it will be less often and if you use Winchesters they will fall out and may or did get behind my action some how. Other then that a good value
- John Clemons, MI

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