Cheddite Reloading Manual, 4th Edition

Cheddite Reloading Manual, 4th Edition
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Cheddite Reloading Manual, 4th edition


"Given the proliferation of Cheddite hulls, we are fortunate to now have a manual of laboratory-tested data to assist us in loading them, and for that we owe a 'tip o' the hat' to Ballistic Products."

-R.H. Vandenburg., Jr., "Know Your Reloads," Shotgun Sports magazine, Nov. '15

The first ever reloading manual for Cheddite hulls. This is the complete library of Cheddite loads from our ballistic lab. It contains everything from 12-gauge through .410 bore. We've even added new loads for the Cheddite 10ga hull.

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  • A history of Cheddite and Cheddite hulls
  • 112 pages of text and load data
  • An explanation of the benefits of using Cheddite hulls
  • Over 1350 lab-tested load recipes in lead and non-toxic shot.
  • Perfect bound for easy storage and long life.



Product Type: Loading manual and application guide specific to Cheddite hulls
Length:  112 pages.
Details: Over 1350 lab-tested load recipes in lead and non-toxic shot.
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Printed in USA

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Ballistic Products Never Leys You Down 3/31/2022
I got into reloading because I couldnt find a box of shells for my wifes valentines day gift I bought her, 410 Mossberg. I never heard of Cheddite hulls. Ballistic products taught me what they were and what they are capable of! When you break clays out past 50 yards with 2 different. 410s,yeah you know these guys put in the work. This book is a full of knowledge.
Steve Lutz
Perfect companion 2/3/2018
Just love the manual on the cheddite hulls, very handy when you buy factory ammo that uses these hulls. Brings a new light to something that would once upon a time, be discarded.
- Joshua Gilligan, NC
Many 2 3/4 and 3 inch loads. 10/4/2016
Many excellent 2 3/4 and 3 inch 12gauge steel loads. No 1.5 ounce loads listed for 3 1/2 12 gauge. Three 1.5 ounce 10 gauge loads listed to load with multi-metal 1035 wad. Problem is the multi-metal 1035 wad has been discontinued. Would have given this otherwise good manual 5 stars if 1.5 ounce steel loads were included for 3 1/2 12 gauge. Also was hoping to load 1.5 ounce 10 gauge.
- Jeffrey Landmeyer, MN

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