Cushioned LBC 12ga wad unslit (250/bag)

Cushioned LBC 12ga wad unslit (250/bag)
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Cushioned LBC 12ga wad (250/bag)

The ribbed walls of the CLBC reduce hull and bore contact, thus reducing contact friction. The unslit design allows for customized pattern control in the field.  Slit into 2-6 petals at least 3/4 length of the shotcup.  Use with straight-walled hulls and add some Mica wad lubricant and buffer to achieve maximum potential.

An excellent wad for lead, steel, and other tungsten-based pellets.

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Product Type: Wad
Size: 12-gauge, 2-3/4" to 3"
Specifications:  Body: 1.805" long, 0.725" diameter, 0.050" thick, 0.750" seal to cup bottom

Typical Loads:
 1-1/4 oz lead, 1 oz to 1-1/4 oz Hevi-shot, 7/8 oz steel
Maximum Payload:
1-1/2 oz lead, 1-1/4 oz Hevi-shot, 7/8 oz steel

Made in Italy

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Buck, itx, double round ball! #6 lead, steel 9/14/2017
I Can shoot pretty much anything I want out of the clbc it along with mica wad slick this is a universal hunting wad I love it.
- Mike, AZ
Wow! 2/21/2014
1 1/4 oz. of #5.5 nickel plated lead moving at 1460fps using Longshot powder and this wad is a remarkable load!! Those wild Kansas pheasants dont even know what hit them! This is my regular pheasant load now. Excellent wad!!
- Josh, KS

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