DGS Gualbo Steel Slug 20ga (10/pak)

DGS Gualbo Steel Slug 20ga  (10/pak)
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65warnings.ca.gov

Detailed Description


DGS Dangerous Game Gualbo Steel Slug 20ga (10/pak)
*This is not Loaded ammunition 

The GUALBO STEEL 20ga slug is an expanding 21 gram steel slug with petals that peel back upon impact to maximize the slug's energy transfer and create a devastating wound channel.

The central upper pin guarantees stability and precison, both in trajectory motion and at the moment of impact against the subject.  To maximize the final damage, the front petals have been projected in order to come off the main body of the slug once it penetrates the tissue for about 10 cm. 

The plastic body has been developed with lateral tongues that hold the steel slug and come off the central body immediately upon discharge from the barrel.  This central balance not only guarantees the equilibrium and precison of the Gualbo Steel slug but protects the barrel from potential damage.

Roll or fold crimps work well with the DGS line. The highly efficient gas seal and finely detailed slug structure are engineered to work symbiotically to achieve hard-hitting accuracy. Exclusive self-adjusting column height for perfect crimps.

Also available lead Dangerous Game Slugs in three gauges:

  • DGS12: 12ga, gas seal = .735", slug = .731", length = 1.870", total wt. = 504 grains (1-1/8oz)
  • DGS16: 16ga, gas seal = .680", slug = .668", length = 1.842", total wt. = 448 grains (1oz)
  • DGS20: 20ga, gas seal = .638", slug = .623", length = 1.825", total wt. = 398 grains (7/8oz)

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Slug Comparison Chart
Part # Slug Name Ga/Size Weight Length Diam
0721612 Dangerous Game Slug 12ga 1-1/8 oz 1.870 0.731
1261232 Thug Slug 12ga 1-1/8 oz 1.822 0.731
1261228 Thug Slug 12ga 1 oz 1.744 0.731
0721610 LBC BluForce Sabot 12ga 1 oz 2.040 0.740
0721613 Thunderbolt Slug 12ga 3" 1-7/16 oz 1.889 0.736
7000002 Foster Slug 12ga 7/8 oz. 0.611 0.678
7000003 Shuttlecock Slug 12ga 450 gr. 0.992 0.660
7000004 Pumpkin Ball Slug 12ga 550 gr. 0.715 0.715
7000005 Green Slug non-toxic 12ga 375 gr. 1.213 0.729
336CTX12 CTX Frangible Slug 12ga 325 gr. 0.681 0.602
0721616 Dangerous Game Slug 16ga 1 oz 1.842 0.668
0721620 Dangerous Game Slug 20ga 7/8 oz 1.825 0.623
1262025 Thug Slug 20ga 7/8 oz 1.708 0.622
0721628 Light Game Slug 28ga 194 gr. 1.202 0.503
0721641 Light Game Slug .410 93 gr. 1.327 0.387
1264100 Thug Slug .410 1/4 oz. 1.572 0.408

Product Type: Slug, steel projectile with molded plastic carrier
Size: 20ga, Weight: 21.1 grams weight, Total height: 1.68 inches



When loading slug components with an inherent gas seal, the entire slug component must be nudged down with your reloading press' rammer tube. Many loaders complain that they don't have enough room for a crimp. This tells us that the reloader is NOT pushing down on the slug prior to crimping and thus not properly seating the slug on the powder. Depending on your loading tool, these loads may require a series of nudges to allow the powder to enter and fill the concave (cupped) plastic gas seal. If you don't do this, then you'll get the "no-fit" problem or a failed load when the powder refuses to fully ignite. Burned or punctured gas seals is almost always a result of this user error.

Spire tip slugs placed within a tube magazine (i.e. pump or auto shotguns) must not have any protrusions from the crimp. Although it is unlikely, it is possible that the tip of the protruding slug could impact the primer of the shell in front of it. This could be extremely dangerous. A pointed slug should be covered with a cardboard or plastic disc or even fold-crimped. Failing that, the shotgunner should only place one slug at a time in a tube magazine. Verify no slug, regardless of type, protrudes past the top of a hull.

Made in Italy

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