Dispersor-X 12ga spreader wad (250/bag)

Dispersor-X 12ga spreader wad (250/bag)
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DX12 Dispersor-X spreader wad 12ga (250/bag)

The original Dispersor-X is ideal for close-range shots of 5-25 yards.  The integrated X-shaped spreader device molded directly into the shotcup provides shooters with even pellet distribution.  Its G-type crush section reduces felt recoil in the 12-gauge while allowing a variety of load height adjustments.  The pegged dome gas seal effectively distributes fast burn rate powders.  Use of an overshot card (we like the #COS12 Clear Overshot Disc) helps create a bit of compression which will produce an even pattern distribution.

Identifying features: The DX12 dimensions are nearly identical to those of the DX12S with one important difference. Note the 24 pins that protrude down from the gas seal in  two circular designs around one central pin. The obturator pins occupy space that would otherwise be filled with propellant, thus lifting the DX12S wad higher above the propellant charge. This change results in  approximately a 1/4" increase in wad height in the hull. Use the DX12 for heavier shot drops and bulkier propellants

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Curmudgeon's Loading Tip: If you are using a MEC reloader, their Steel Shot Rammer Tube #1308436 fits perfectly around the X-shaped spreader of the Dispersor-X 12ga wad. Very slick loading!

  • Shot cup body = 1.504"
  • Diameter = 0.725"
  • Thickness = 0.035"
  • Shot cup depth = 0.900"
  • Gas seal = 0.275" recessed cup obturator
  • Product Type: Spreader wad, preslit with two slits.
  • Size: 12-gauge
  • Typical Loads: 1 oz lead to 1-1/8 oz lead
  • Maximum Payload: 1-1/8 oz lead

Made in Italy

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Turns your full-choke into a skeet gun!! 7/27/2017
Works great! turns a fixed full-choked gun into a skeet gun - gives patterns 2-3 times bigger!
- Arto, MA
Close range crusher!! 5/15/2016
I am 60 yrs old and have been shooting clay targets & upland birds since I was 6 and reloading since 10, so been at this awhile. I always believed wads made some difference-a little bit- but always held to the axiom that if you put the little dot, the one at the end of the barrel, in the right spot and pull the trigger, the target will break. So it is a matter of dot control right? OK, so fast forward to last week where I am in a weekly shooting league that likes to do --reindeer games-- style events. One of the events is something they call slider skeet, where you shoot a true pair of skeet targets from the trap lines, starting at the 16 yrd line and slide back one yard after each pair until the 20 yard line and then rotate right to the next trap line and repeat-for a total of 50 targets. As you can visualize, some shots are high aspect/high line of sight targets at ranges as close as 10 feet. These SPREADER-X wads intrigued me, especially when I noticed they are not permitted for registered NSSA competitions. Well, now I understand why. At uber close ranges, they excel. Using these SPREADER-X loads I shot this Slider Skeet event and did much better than my skeet skills should permit. So I headed to the patterning board and compared patterns between a factory 1 oz skeet load and a 1 oz load 18.0 grs Promo, #9s using these wads from a 10 yard distance. Dramatic difference in pattern size with the SPREAD-X loads having acceptable uniformity and I would visually estimate to have a 33% bigger pattern. I have no idea what the shot string might be, and would surmise that the pattern density would degrade rapidly past about 25 yards, but inside that range-they give a significant advantage in my opinion.
- Retired F16FtrPlt, WY
Grouse 11/9/2012
Phenomenal first/close shot on Grouse. 1oz #7 NP and an 12 pattern at 10yds.
- Don, MN
dispersor-x 4/15/2012
1-1/8 oz of #9 This load helped me win the state championship in the A class sporting clays anything under 30 yards is dust also works good on rabbit targets crossers

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