Dispersor-X 20ga spreader wad (bag/250)

Dispersor-X 20ga spreader wad (bag/250)
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Dispersor-X 20ga spreader wad (250/bag)

The Dispersor-X is our best performer for tight ranges of 5-25 yards. An integrated X-shaped spreader device molded directly into the shotcup provides shooters with even pellet distribution. Its G-type crush section reduces felt recoil in the 20-gauge while allowing a variety of load height adjustments. The pegged dome gas seal effectively distributes fast burn rate powders. Use of an overshot card helps create a bit of compression which will produce an even pattern distribution. Great for tight-flushing birds, near overhead shots and close crossing targets.

View sample LOAD DATA from our BP manuals


  • Shot cup body = 1.365"
  • Diameter = 0.610"
  • Thickness = 0.035"
  • Shot cup depth = 0.780"
  • Seal to cup bottom = 0.530"
  • Product Type: Spreader wad, preslit with two slits.
  • Size: 20-gauge
  • Typical Loads: 3/4 to 7/8 oz lead


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Made in Italy



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Love these wads 11/26/2022
These wads work great, they are magic for grouse and woodcock hunting. The pattern distribution was very nice and even too. Quite pleased.
No Load Data 5/11/2019
Purchased these to try in a new 20 gauge. I also bought the “High Performance Loads for Clays” book, since that is what is listed with these wads. Went through the book, found 12 gauge loads for these wads, but no loads for a 20 gauge. Probably have to buy a different manual... The wads are worthless without load data, but they look pretty neat.
If you ever have a data issue, just call us. We are in the problem-solving business. Our staff is always helpful and they never bite. :) The DX20 wads were new additions to our line, which was after the most recent publication of that manual. Most of our new loads are based upon the the SG20 data in the "High Performance for Clays." We are adding a link to the DX20 brochure and emailing this to you.
--BP Lab

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