Download Slug Loading Manual, 8th edition

Download Slug Loading Manual, 8th edition
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Download Slug Loading Manual, 8th edition
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The world's only loading guide dedicated completely to the shotgun slug shooter and handloader. Learn about the historical development, terminology, and designs of the world's most effective slugs.

Includes detailed instructions on loading slugs for customized performance. Detailed descriptions on roll crimping, Hull Vise, and proper reloader applications to maximize your slug performance.

  • 330 loads: combinations best suited to your shooting conditions and shotgun, smoothbore or rifled.
  • Numerous slug types are listed, described, and reviewed.
  • Applications and step-by-step loading instructions for each type and gauge.
  • Shotgun setup and options are also covered.
  • Full-color manual, 64 pages
  • The world's finest photography of slugs
  • Includes data for 12ga 2-3/4", 3", 3-1/2", 16ga, 20ga, 28ga & .410

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Note: This data supersedes all previous published data.

Printed in USA


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*NOTE: Does not include data for the RSS Sabot or Lyman Slugs (i.e., slug moulds). Some slugs pictured on the front cover are not available for handloading and have no accompanying data.

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