Download The Mighty 10 Gauge, 7th ed.

Download The Mighty 10 Gauge, 7th ed.
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Download The Mighty Ten Gauge, 7th ed.
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It's all about the 10 gauge.
  • 60 pages, 141 loads
  • Includes short-chamber loads, lead, steel and other non-toxic shot.
Truly, the only informational loading guide of its kind on the planet. The Curmudgeon's classic has been updated for the 21st century. This latest volume is 7th generation of the Curmudgeon's original BPI classic.
The data has been hand-selected by the Curmudgeon and our ballistic staff. All of the loads include their expert comments and recommendations. The Mighty Ten Gauge consists of pure performance; all our best 10-gauge information and loading data. Big bore enthusiasts will find the data and information that they need in, fittingly, ten separate sections, including insight on the following topics:

  • The Mighty 10 Gauge, History and Development: This section describes the history and development of the 10 gauge, its place in history and in the field today. You might be surprised to know that the ten gauge was known mostly for versatility and as an excellent upland gun in the early 20th century. Perception of the 10 gauge has a lot to do with its evolution.

  • 10 Gauge Shotshells and Components: What they are, how they are made and how they work in a shotshell. To meet specific objectives that the guns are built for, 10 gauge ammunition is assembled using criteria completely different than any other gauge. This section will help you get the most out of your 10 gauge.

  • 10 Gauge Component Guide: This section is an overview and description of all the different components used for making 10 gauge ammunition.

  • 10 Gauge Loading Guide and Data: 141 loads Exclusively 10 gauge load recipe/data section; all loads laboratory tested and field proven.

What others are saying about The Mighty Ten Gauge:

"You will be pleased to know that the information gleaned from the Status of Steel and the Mighty Ten Gauge has been a catalyst in changing the waterfowl permit to include the 10 gauge for all species and the allowance of steel shot larger than #BB.  BPI's wealth of information has been an edifying experience, to say the least, and is now having an impact in Down Under."
~Tim Lloyd, Queensland, Australia 

"Many thanks for your publications.  The Mighty Ten Gauge is superb."
~B.C.J., Dyfed, Wales, UK.


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