Federal 12S3 wad (DISCONTINUED, see replacement 030CB12S3)

Federal 12S3 wad (DISCONTINUED, see replacement 030CB12S3)
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Why!!! 3/8/2020
The best wad ever made! Shot, round ball, buckshot and slugs. So disappointed! The CBs have thick lines in the petals which make them useless! Federal messed up.
- Mike, AZ
Federal pink 12S3 1/1/2019
The Best 1-1/8th straight hull Wad ever made! I Can not believe there discontinued permanently!
The Claybuster CB2118-12 is the clone of the old Federal 12S3. Click the link above to see this replacement.
--BP Lab
Wad Consistency 1/22/2012
After struggling with several shotshell wads I have found Federal quality and material thickness to be the best. Previous manufacturers inconsistency caused my shot quantity to very; which seriously affected shot grouping.
- Al Cowboy, MI

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