Fiber Cushion Filler Wad 1/2

Fiber Cushion Filler Wad 1/2
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Fiber Cushion Wad 1/2" (500/bag)

Fiber filler wads are extremely light and flexible. They are used as a cushion and a filler because they have the ability to compress a during crimping and during firing. Fiber wads can be easily split with a fingernail for custom load adjustments.

Our Fiber Cushion wads work well in shotshell and muzzleloading applications. They are also the wad of choice for MagTech brass shotshell hulls. (.500" thick)

#FC Fiber Cushion Sizes
ga/cal Bore Size Wad Size Notes
8ga .835" .850"  
9ga .803" .815" 10ga Thinwall Brass
10ga .775" .790" 12ga MagTech overshot card
11ga .751" .762" 12ga MagTech Brass
12ga .729" .740"  
13ga .710" .720" 16ga MagTech overshot card
14ga .693" .703" 16ga MagTech Brass
16ga .662" .672"  
18ga .637" .647"  
20ga .615" .625" 24ga MagTech Brass
24ga .579" .589" 28ga MagTech Brass
28ga .550" .560"  
.360 .360" .364"  
.410 .410" .412" .410 is true bore size
.430 .429" .430"  
.455 .454" .455" .410 MagTech Brass

Proudly Made in USA

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.455 in 1851 navy 3/8/2015
I was looking for a cheaper replacement for the lubed felt over powder wads for filler in light loadings. Something that would replace corn meal filler and lube without using expensive felt wads.I got your .455 wads and soaked them in home made Black powder lube.50/50 bees wax and tallow. When they got cool they hardened up and I cut the 1/2 wad to 1/4. Then use them like a standard felt wad under the ball. For under $20 a 500 wad bag gives me 1000 wads. I also used them in a Kentucky pistol for a buck shot load. Powder,uncut wad,9 #4 buck then half a wad on top to hold the buck in. Worked great. The service on the phone was good also.

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