Field Commander 16ga wads (250/bag)

Field Commander 16ga wads (250/bag)
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Z16 Commander 16ga wad (250/bag)

When loaded with 1-1/8 oz of nickel-plated shot, the Z16 Commander is truly a proven field performer. An easy-loading, compact wad that is great for both field and target. The shot capacity is just a bit larger than the standard 16-gauge wad because it is designed for longer ranges. Like the 12-gauge Z21 Trap Commander, the Z16's cushion section allows for a final "nudge" as the shell is closed, so loads are compressed for a solid ignition and consistency.

Designed for heavy 1-1/8 and even 1-1/4 oz loads, but it can be loaded down to 7/8oz by lightly seating the wad and using fillers.

  • Gas seal: arch dome, .665" diameter with three flanges, .040" thick
  • Overall Length: 1.50"
  • Seal to cup bottom: .810"
  • Shotcup Depth: .690"
  • Shotcup type: layback hinged petals
  • Hard crossing shots and going away shots
  • Size: 16-gauge
  • Typical Loads:  1 to 1-1/4 oz lead 


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 Made in Italy

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Fantastic for 2 1/2 5/12/2017
Loaded 7/8 Oz. of 9s with an x-treme spreader in RST 2 1/2 inch empty hulls. Load height is spot on perfect! Shot a 22 in skeet the first time out with a 28 inch mod/full 1923 L.C. Smith field grade 16 ga. Did well at sporting clays and 5 Stand on close shots as well.
- Bill M., MD
Wow! 3/2/2012
I am impressed with this wad. I did a lot of pattern testing. 3 loads actually had identical pellet counts on the targets! Amazing consistancy!
- M. M., AZ

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