Fiocchi 12ga 2-3/4 7/8oz 1200fps Ultra-Low Recoil (box/25)

Fiocchi 12ga 2-3/4 7/8oz 1200fps Ultra-Low Recoil  (box/25)
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You can't find success if you flinch every time you pull the trigger. Minimizing the effects of recoil are essential for learning to maintain concentration on the target and follow-through.

An experienced shooter can use low recoil ammunition to exercise a focus on fundamentals - not a sore shoulder. A new shooter, who likely fears recoil more than any other aspect of shotgunning, will be able to appreciate shooting without the pain.

12ga 2-3/4 inch
#7-1/2 & 8 lead
25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case


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Hull color 11/27/2017
The hull color is turquoise, not lavender, and the distinctive color among all the red, some green hulls is useful. These shot pretty much like my Win AA reloads. Note the 6 point crimp for reloading. The hulls are lightly ribbed but shucked really easily from my Baikal from Johnny Meadows. Will buy more.
- Bob Lewis, SC
Great Shells For Practice, Competition, Dove and Woodcock 9/9/2013
Well, Pilgrim...sometimes, a fella just orta cowboy up, be secure in his masculinity, and be really glad about what is inside these versatile sensible loads, particularly for vintage shotguns of light weight. This is a load that enhances a comfortable and secure anchor at the cheek while we stay in the gun through the shot. Short of reloading some of The Curmudgeons Magic No-Recoil Killer Bee numbers, these are the Mutts Nuts. A CAS guy just buys a wild rag scarf that has lavender in it, and gets to shootin. Oh, and one more thing. We need apostrophes in this here word processing program...
- Randy Lawrence, OH
Lavendar? Are you kidding me? 3/9/2013
I need Cowboy Action shotgun shells, preferably 7/8 oz. lead. Not many choices. Fiocchi is an OK brand that has been gaining credibility in recent years, but a lavendar-colored shell case? Are you kidding me? This is a hetero-man sport. No way, no how am I ever showing up to a match or practice with lavendar hulls. This reminds me of the boo-boos in China where American slogans didnt translate properly. Someone needs to clue Fiocchi in, fast.
- Rick Metzger, FL

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