Fiocchi 12ga 2.75 8mm orange hull (100/bag)

Fiocchi 12ga 2.75 8mm orange hull (100/bag)
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Detailed Description

Fiocchi 12ga 2.75 8mm orange hull (100/bag)        
  • Color: Orange
  • Top Edge: Skived
  • Depth: 2.406"
  • Length: 2.710"
  • Brass: 0.315" (8mm)
  • Primer: Fiocchi-616 (209 primer)
These Fiocchi hulls are an excellent choice for both clays and field with plenty of room for loads. The top edge of hulls are skived for easy crimping. The brass is 8mm tall. The crimping edge is skived The inside base wad (plastic disk) is 7mm tall. The hulls are primed with Fiocchi's 616 standard primer.  We have plenty of loading data for these hulls, both for clays and field & nontoxic.

Comparison Chart: 12ga 2-3/4" Primed hulls
Part # Mfg. Gauge Length Specs Primer Depth
#0621275 Federal 12ga 2.751 IBW (internal plastic) Fed 209A 2.502
#064122x Fiocchi 12ga 2.716 brown/skived Fiocchi 616 2.416
#RIO127016 RIO 12ga 2.736 clear/skived RIO 209 2.466
#RIO127012 RIO 12ga 2.736 black/skived RIO 209 2.466
#064121602 Fiocchi 12ga 2.730 orange/skived Fiocchi 616 2.441
#0641208 Fiocchi 12ga 2.710 clear/skived Fiocchi 616 2.406
#064121600 Fiocchi 12ga 2.741 clear/skived Fiocchi 616 2.440
#0641216US Fiocchi 12ga 2.741 clear/UNSKIVED Fiocchi 616 2.440



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Durable, functional, and decorative! 9/15/2022
I wanted to compare these orange Fiocchi hulls to the clear Fiocchi hulls that Ive been using, and I have to say that Im very impressed with how durable they are. I have a group of 25 hulls that have been reloaded 5 times already and they are still showing no signs of distress failure. No pin holes, no feathered edges, and no deformities. Although a bit discolored, the six point crimps are still holding tight & strong. As a bonus, the ladies like the pumpkin-orange colored hulls for Fall decorating and string lights. I never thought Id have to hide reloading components from my wife before, but some of these hulls are mysteriously disappearing before I can reload them.
- David Rudzinski, WA

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