Fiocchi 12ga 3" 16mm olive green hull (100/bag)

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Detailed Description

Fiocchi 12ga 3" 16mm hull (100/bag)

  • Color: Olive Green
  • Top Edge:Skived
  • Depth: 2.663"
  • Length: 2.960"
  • Brass: 0.630" (16mm)
  • Primer: Fiocchi-616 (209 primer)
  • Headstamp: "FIOCCHI 12"
  • Wall Thickness: 0.030"
  • Made in Italy

Fiocchi hulls are an excellent choice for almost any field load. There is plenty of room for components and loads of all types. The top edge of hulls are skived for easy crimping. The brass is 16mm tall The crimping edge is skived The inside base wad (plastic disk) is 7mm tall. The hulls are primed with Fiocchi's 616 standard primer. We have plenty of loading data for these hulls, both for clays and field & nontoxic. For load data see Advantages.

Hulls are not regulated under 49CFR Special Provision 50.

SHIPPING: Ammunition or hulls shipped by ground service do not require a HazMat fee. Any ammunition shipped by air service does require an Air HazMat fee. Our sales associates can help you with any questions.

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Good hull 12/28/2022
These are good hulls for the price the only issue Ive had is that about 1 out of every 20 doesnt hold a crimp 6 or 8 and opens up after a few days and the brass is very soft.
- Jason Hayes, TN
As described in our manuals, new hulls have no preexisting crimp memory. A deep crimp start is key to a firm and complete crimp. This is why the Super Crown Crimp Starter was developed. This tool solves the problem every time. Thanks!
--BP Lab
The Best 2/25/2021
I use a MEC 650 and use these 100% for steel and bismuth waterfowl loads. I find that Fiocchis crimp 6pt the best over the other leading brand sold. May just be my settings and that I got lucky, but the final crimps come out far more universal / standard than other hulls. 100% recommend.
Paul Rodriguez
Great Hulls 6/17/2018
I used these as part of the steel shot package deal a few years ago. The crimp looked factory using a PW 375 press. Great deal!
- Randy C, MI
Does not allow a crisp crimp 1/27/2018
Not a bad hull. Has good results. If you are a person who insists on a tight good looking crimp this is not for you.
Thanks for the comment. The hull has nothing to do with the crimp quality and everything to do with the tools and technique. If this wasn't the case, then all Fiocchi factory loads would not have a tight crimp. Start with better tools: The Super Crown Crimp Starter is metal and this creates a much deeper crimp memory in new, uncrimped hulls. The Roll Crimper can also put a beautiful crimp on new hulls. Search these items on our site along with the Crimp Solutions Brochure #00BCRIMP.
--BP Lab
Mec Sizemaster Loader 3/24/2012
these hulls load and crimp so easy on the first reload it is almost too easy.
Unconventional loader 10/8/2011
Im loading these hull with an old RCBS 12 ga. die set for a Rock Chucker press,and using data from the BP Advantages #5. These hulls load easy and the finsh product looks as good or better than factory loads. definatly recommend these hulls.
- James Shickles, WI
fiocchi in field 2/14/2011
loads looked like factory and I have no problem w/ loading them 2nd time.

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