Foster Slug 12ga .678 375gr (25/pk)

Foster Slug 12ga .678 375gr (25/pk)
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Detailed Description

Foster Slug 12ga 375 grain (25/pak)

The Foster slug is one of the most popular designs of the past 125 years. It has endured that long simply because of its effectiveness and ease of loading. No other slug can match its graceful simplicity. Nothing else has supplanted its popularity despite thousands of attempts to do so. The Foster slug is still the most popular slug loaded by the major ammunition companies.

Like a shortened shuttlecock, the design is similar to a badminton birdie. The self-correcting design concentrates mass in the nose of the slug and a hollowed waist/tail section stabilizes the flight path. This slug is power swaged, not cast. The Foster slug is an excellent design for crashing through dense brush and for close-range knock down power. This improved Foster design features a expansion-inducing hollow point of .172" wide x .090" deep.
Made in USA


  • Weight: 375 grains (approx. 7/8 oz)
  • Diam:  .678" (max)
  • Length: .611"

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Slug Comparison Chart

Part # Slug Name Ga/Size Weight Length Diam
0721612 Dangerous Game Slug 12ga 1-1/8 oz 1.870 0.731
1261232 Thug Slug 12ga 1-1/8 oz 1.822 0.731
1261228 Thug Slug 12ga 1 oz 1.744 0.731
0721610 LBC BluForce Sabot 12ga 1 oz 2.040 0.740
0721613 Thunderbolt Slug 12ga 3" 1-7/16 oz 1.889 0.736
7000002 Foster Slug 12ga 7/8 oz. 0.611 0.678
7000003 Shuttlecock Slug 12ga 450 gr. 0.992 0.660
7000004 Pumpkin Ball Slug 12ga 550 gr. 0.715 0.715
7000005 Green Slug non-toxic 12ga 375 gr. 1.213 0.729
336CTX12 CTX Frangible Slug 12ga 325 gr. 0.681 0.602
0721616 Dangerous Game Slug 16ga 1 oz 1.842 0.668
0721620 Dangerous Game Slug 20ga 7/8 oz 1.825 0.623
1262025 Thug Slug 20ga 7/8 oz 1.708 0.622
0721628 Light Game Slug 28ga 194 gr. 1.202 0.503
0721641 Light Game Slug .410 93 gr. 1.327 0.387
1264100 Thug Slug .410 1/4 oz. 1.572 0.408

Product Type: Slug, lead cold-pressure formed; 12ga only
Size: see specifics above
Load Data: Complete loading instructions and data are found in BP's Slug Manual.

Made in USA

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