Handloading Bismuth Shot Manual, 7th ed.

Handloading Bismuth Shot Manual, 7th ed.
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The Bismuth Manual, 7th ed.
The Bismuth Manual details the tools, components, techniques, and load data necessary for achieving the finest ballistic results with bismuth shotshell pellets. Includes a vast array of information and load receipes that unlock the potential of bismuth loads.
Advantages: Bismuth shot is denser than steel shot. Bismuth is also soft, which means that it is ideal for use as a non-toxic shot in fine double-barrel shotguns, smallbore shotguns and any other shotguns with fixed chokes. Care and proper loading techniques must be observed load bismuth shot effectively. BPI's load data for peak bismuth performance.  We've also worked closely with our friends at Hodgdon Powder Company to bring you a greatly expanded selection of loads. The 7th edition of the Bismuth Manual is the single largest collection of bismuth shot load data ever compiled.
The physical differences of bismuth shot require that it be loaded differently than lead or steel shot. In short, if you're not loading bismuth properly, then you won't take advantage of its physical benefits.

The Bismuth Manual includes load recipes utilizing high-performance propellants and components. Loading data for 10 gauge -.410 bore, including shortened loads:

Loads by gauge:

(45)   10ga loads
(477) 12ga loads
(60)   16ga loads
(104) 20ga loads
(58)   28ga loads
(10)   .410 loads


  • Text by Randy Lawrence and Grant W. Fackler
  • Analysis of bismuth physical properties and density advantages
  • Loading procedures and tools
  • Wads and other components for bismuth shot
  • Patterning bismuth shot
  • In-depth load data section, including short-chamber loads

Product Type: Loading manual and shotshell application guide
Length:  96 pages
Details: Over 750 lab-tested load recipes using bismuth shot

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