Hornady Case & Parts Dryer

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Detailed Description

Hornady Lock-N-Load Case and Parts Dryer

Item #053310

With the increased efficiency and speed of sonic cleaners, Hornady now offers a way to dry washed cases and gun parts with the Case and Parts Dryer.

With an innovative top-mounted powerhead, cases and gun parts dry quickly and can be positioned on multiple levels for increased capacity. The three trays and a spacer for taller parts are quickly disassembled for easy cleanup.

    4" fan, 400 watts, 120 volt
    Top mounted fan & header
    Easy clean up
    3 trays
    1 spacer to accommodate large parts
    No tray rotation needed
    Capacity (total cases): 720 Ct. 9mm / 375 Ct. 223 Rem

Case Dryer Dimensions

    Total height: 9-1/4 inches
    Diameter: 14 inches 
    Total Weight 3.4 lbs

Additional Specs

    9mm - 240 cases per tray, dry time 1.5-2 hrs
    45 ACP - 180 cases per tray, 1.5-2 hrs dry time
    .223 - 125 cases per tray, 2-2.5 hrs dry time
    .308 80 cases per tray, 2-2.5 hrs dry time