LED Key Chain Flashlight/Bore Light

LED Key Chain Flashlight/Bore Light
Item Number: BPLIGHT
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LED Key Chain Flashlight & Bore Light
BPI's signature shotgun bore light & flashlight
This is the Curmudgeon's favorite new gizmo. In fact, he had to get a couple more because Mrs. Curmudgeon stole his first flashlight. He's also found that it works great as a bore light.
This is a powerful 3-bulb LED light that really packs a punch. It is only 2-1/2" x 1/2" and it comes complete with four LR44 button cell batteries. It's small, but the handy key chain means that it won't be easily lost.
Inexpensive, compact and powerful; it should be in every glove box and hunter's kit.

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