Lyman 12ga Sabot Slug Mould

Lyman 12ga Sabot Slug Mould
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Lyman 12ga Sabot Slug Mould 525 grain

12 gauge Sabot slug mold to be used in conjunction with a standard target wad! 525 grains. Sabot type slugs have been popular with pinpoint accuracy. Does not include handles.

Requires Lyman Double-Cavity Mould Handles.

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The Lyman Sabot slug is designed to fit standard shotgun wads and star crimped. No special roll crimping tools necessary. Uses Standard Plastic Wads

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Product Type: Slug Mold
Size/Length: 12ga, 525 grain Sabot

REDUCING EXPOSURE: Lead contamination in the air, in dust, and on your skin is invisible. Keep children and pregnant women away during use and until cleanup is complete. Risk can be reduced - but not eliminated - with strong ventilation; washing hands immediately after use of these products before eating or smoking; and careful cleaning of surfaces and floors with disposable wipes, after lead dust has had a chance to settle. Use a lead specific cleaner with EDTA, or hand soaps specifically designed to remove heavy metals.

WARNING: Melting lead and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to cause birth defects, other reproductive harm and cancer. USE STRONG VENTILATION!

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sledge hammer 12/17/2019
This slug is great! I have a mossberg 535 with a 24in fully riffled barrel with cantilever and 3-9x40 slug scope. due to the 3.5 camber my gun is fussy and this slug shoots great with bluedot and waa12 white wad and wheel weights. on a windy day these hold less than a 2 group at 110 by range finder. I used my 535 and this slug hunting this year and shot a nice 150# doe at 75 yards quartering away. Blew both lungs took off the top of the heart exiting out the front shoulder. she hopped 25 yards and pile up. This slug hit her like a sledge hammer. i will be using it again next season too
- Ivan Wagurak, ME
Surprisingly good performer. Accurate and deadly. LONG story.... 9/22/2017
About 20 years ago I bought this mould. Cast up some slugs from wheel weight metal. IIRC, they weighed out at around 505gr with the WW metal. Loaded them in Winchester AA hulls with an AA wad and a charge of Herc/Alliant Blue dot. Used a load from the Lyman Shotshell Reloading Manual. Shot surprisingly accurately in my 870. Just had the rifled screw in tube in my 20 inch rifle sight barrel. 2 inches or so of rifling in the tube was enough I guess. Would put 5 shots into about 3-5 inches at 100 yards. My hunting partner put 5 of them into 3 inches at 50 yards with his fixed mod choke 28 inch barreled Savage pumpgun. Carried it on a feral pig hunt but didnt get a shot. A few weeks later I was carrying my 870 with a 28 inch vent rib barrel and a modified tube while small game hunting with my buddys 12 year old son on their ranch. Had a couple of these slug loads in the side-saddle carrier just in case as the rifle season was open for that zone. Saw a nice young 3 pt California Coastal Blacktail buck about 40 yards away. Swapped in one of these slug loads and handed the shotgun to the kid. He was nervous and told me to shoot the buck instead. Had a broadside shot and put the slug just behind the shoulder. Punched a nickle-sized entry hole, pulped both lungs, took the top off of the heart, and blasted a quarter-sized exit hole on the far side. A hand-sized chunk of lung was on the grass about 5-7 yards beyond the exit wound. Buck took two bounds, fell over, and expired. I moved five times over the next 10 years. Sometime during the moves I lost the base plug for the mould. Now I need to contact Lyman to see if they can set me up with another plug.....
Excellent Performer 8/2/2011
I can only attest to its accuracy since Ive never hunted with it, but at 100 yards it gives me sub-2inch groups consistently from two different rifled barrels! Im using Winchester hulls, primers and wads with a fold crimp on a Lee Load-All. From a Mossberg 500 with either their rifle sight or cantilevered scope mount barrels and cast from wheel weights or linotype, its an excellent performer!!!!!
- Henry Braud, CA
Review Excerpt -Not mine 5/7/2011
The Lyman load Im using is their 525gr. sabot slug loaded in the Federal field hulls with the white wad over xx.x grs. of Herco, and CCI209 primers. I use approx. xx lbs. of wad pressure when seating them, load the slug in by hand, and then perform the regular fold crimp. Ive shot them in 2 separate Remington 11-87s, and one Benelli semi auto all rifled barrels, and they shot phenomenally. I did a side by side comparison to the Hasting slugs and they outshot them by a wide margin. The Benelli liked them so much that they shot cloverleafs at 75yds., and would probably do the same at 100yds., except for the wind that day. The only doe my partner shot this last year the Benelli owner was a frontal shot at a slight quartering angle. The slug hit her in the chest and exited just in front of her offside flank. It knocked her back on her rump into a seating position and she was able to regain her footing and run off about 60yds. before dropping. I gotta say, after almost 20 yrs. of dabbling with casting and loading shotgun slugs, these Lyman slugs are a delight.
Old Data but relevant 4/9/2011
I had this same exact mold 20 years ago and loaded up some slugs for my shotguns in Win AA hulls with a the standard star crimper on my Mec 12 gauge loader. Going through my parallel choke Browning BPS accuracy was so-so, but when I put it in my rifled Win 1300 I was able to get softball sized groups at 165 yards. yes I like to test long range However an occasional flyer would open up the group substantially. Keep in mind, the newer slugs, ie Remington Copper Solid, Win Partition Gold, Fed Barnes Expander, would do that too in the fourth shot out of a group, but those issues were from rapid barrel heat. Those latter offerings would really heat my barrel up fast and accuracy would go literally off a cliff. My accuracy problems with the LYMAN slug I would most likely attribute to crimping as getting a consistent star crimp was a bit of a problem with my setup. The use of a fold crimp tool would likely improve upon the performance I experienced. Even so, it had enough promise that I am seriously considering revisiting my experiment with the above said crimping tool
- Jerry Meyer, CA

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