Light Brush Wad 12ga (250/bag)

Light Brush Wad 12ga (250/bag)
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LB12 Light Brush Wad 12 (250/bag)

Description: The LB12 is a symmetrical double-ended gas seal that can be inserted either way into the shell. The LB12 is unique in that only about 30% of the shot is cupped in the low-profile shotcup. This design drives a center core of pellets while compelling the remaining portion of the shot charge to create dense peripheral fringe spreading pattern. The result is a wider pattern than that produced with a standard shotcup.

Application: The LB12 is ideal for light and quick short-range loads. The Light Brush 12 loads 1 to 1-1/8 ounce clay target loads with a huge list of great recipes. We prefer #5 through #7 for hunting and 7-1/2 through #10 for clays.

Curmudgeon's recommendation: Try the LB12 with an X-Stream spreader insert for a fantastic short-range spreader load. It also works well with many round ball slugs.

  •     Diameter: .730"
  •     Overall length: 1.235"
  •     Seal to cup bottom: .942"
  •     Shotcup depth: .236"
  •     Shotcup type: low profile cup
  •     Optimum range: 10-30 yards
  •     Short range, springing targets, overhead shots, upland hunting
  •     Biorientabile 18mm
  •     bag of 250 or bulk case of 5000

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Made in Italy

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