MEC AutoMate #9130

MEC AutoMate #9130
Item Number: 1309130
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Detailed Description

Auto-Mate system #9130

Automate your MEC 9000G and 8567 Grabber series machines.

Handloaders who produce a lot of shells for clays and field need automation both for speed and absolute consistency with crimps and wad seating.

The Auto-Mate, designed and manufactured by MEC, retains all the advantages of manual operation without complicating the process. Compared to full-hydraulic operations, the Auto-Mate is easy to set up and use, reasonably priced, safe and the tested design is very reliable.

The Auto-Mate system is powered by electricity. Designed by MEC's engineers for safe operation, it cycles on a simple, industrial two-button system. The Auto-Mate runs smoothly and will allow you to concentrate on better and more shells from every reloading session.

The Auto-Mate is also available to fit any 9000G or 8567 Grabber or as a complete package, which includes a MEC 9000G reloader.

The 9000G with the Auto-Mate system is packaged as part #1309000E.

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