Mylar 16-20 protective shotshell wraps .003

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Detailed Description

Mylar Wraps 16-20ga .003" (100/package)

  • Length = 1-7/8"
  • Width = 1-3/8"
  • Thick: .003"

Mylar Wraps line the interior of a wad to protect pellets from penetrating the wad wall and to keep them from escaping the wad slit. They add an extra layer of barrel protection when loading steel or hard tungsten-alloy pellets.

Mylar Wraps are available in three sizes:

  • Thin Mylar (#MYTHIN) for 10ga and 12ga large-capacity loads
  • Slim Mylar (#MYSLIM) for 12ga light payloads and smaller bores
  • 1620 Mylar (#MY1620) for 16 & 20 gauge

Easy to use and load: Mylar wraps are easy to use. Simply coil it and place it in the shotcup. Llet it open and drop the shot. Mylar is thin but TOUGH. It protects your barrels and chokes from potentially damaging non-toxic shot.

Trimmable: Mylar is easy to trim with household scissors. You can customize it for almost any loading applications.

Product Type: Shot liner, Mylar
Specs:  (industry tolerances apply to all measurements)
Shipping: Unrestricted product; may be exported to countries not on U.S. export prohibition list. 

Thick Mylar note: We've discontinued Thick Mylar because Thin Mylar is so much easier to load, takes up less internal volume, and it is more cost effective for our customers. We've found no performance issues when using Thin Mylar in any former Thick Mylar loading application.

Made in USA

"Mylar" is a trademark of DuPont

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