OMV Roll Crimper Bushing Guide

OMV Roll Crimper Bushing Guide
Item Number: OMV1032
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Detailed Description

OMV Bushing Guide (*select gauge above)

The bushing guide is used as a glove or sheath around the crimp finisher or roll crimper to help guide it and come down flush on top of the case.


The shotshell industry of Northern Italy is likely the oldest in the world. With the founding of major gun manufacturers, such as Beretta in 1526, cottage industry businesses sprang up around these areas. Gunsmiths, toolmakers, and ammunition specialists of all types helped to fuel innovation and invention. Like Italian cuisine, art, and architecture, ammunition and toolmaking are powered by passion and innovation. We are proud to be an OMV distributor of their fine loading products for North America. Our line of OMV products will continue to grow and expand.

Made in Italy