Once-Fired Hulls 12ga 2-3/4 Penny Hulls (500/box)

Once-Fired Hulls 12ga 2-3/4 Penny Hulls (500/box)
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65warnings.ca.gov

Detailed Description

12ga 2-3/4" fired mixed-class hulls (box/500)

Our warehouse manager found these hulls in the warehouse and we need to clear them out. We usually pay folks to sort our once-fired hulls to make sure that they are all in tip-top condition. However, we are just too busy right now to worry about sorting. So, we'll pay you to sort them! We are closing out these hulls at an unbelievable price. Included in these hulls are what we classify as Class-A, Class-B, and Class-C.  We attempt to get as close as possible to 500 hulls in each box, so sometimes you may receive a few more and sometimes you may receive a few less than 500.

Minnesota winters are hard on cars and anything else that remains outside during the nasty months. This includes fired hulls from ranges. These hulls are mixed classes, which means that you will be getting some hulls that aren't very pretty. This includes:

  • Hulls may not be a color variety as pictured
  • May contain a variety of brass heights and colors
  • Corrosion
  • Twice-fired hulls (different primers)
  • Dents
  • missing primers

Our warehouse manager randomly chose the hulls for these pictures. He'll randomly chose what goes in each box too. So, these hulls are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you'll get. You will get a portion of nice hulls and you'll also get some crummy ones too. Many of the hulls are somewhere in between. Know this: If you aren't happy with what you receive, then you won't pay for them. We are being as candid as we possibly can in presenting these hulls.

If you are looking for perfect hulls, please don't buy these hulls. We have many great values in new/primed hulls.

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penny hulls 9/22/2022
figured i would take a shot on these. ordered 2 boxes. shipping was quick just like it always is. got them today. opened them up and did a casual sift through. all kinds of shell Varity. all were in very good/excellent shape. out of both boxes I had nineteen 20 gauge shells and 1 that was destroyed. I would definitely buy these again.
Noah Karsgaard
Very pleased with order and Quality of hulls 7/3/2019
Second time purchasing Penny Hulls from Ballistic Products and for the second time I am very pleased with the hulls I received.I received a total of 522 hulls. I received 449 12 gauge hulls all reloadable it had Rio, Universal, Herters, Federal Top Gun, Winchester AA red, Estate, Remington Gun Club and Kemen. I also received 73 20 gauge reloadable hulls Federal Top Gun, Universal and Winchester Super X. All hulls were in great shape and reloadable. I am very pleased with Ballistic Products Penny Hulls !!
- Will Yates, AR
Quick shipping, good product. 7/21/2015
I bought these not for typical use, but for crafting use to cut down. I ordered 2000 of them, and almost all are in excellent shape and the shipping was super fast. I will definitely purchase again.
- Kara Grayson, SD
3,000 Hulls received 6/15/2015
I just received 6 lots of these hulls. Excellent price. Very nice once fired hulls. Assorted makers. I only had 7 hulls that were not useable. I will buy again.
- John, MD
Once-Fired Hulls 12ga 2-3/4 Mixed Mfg 500/box 5/8/2015
WOW, 1,000 excellent once fired hulls received. As always excellent product and quick service. Thank you BPI.
- John, MD
This deal is HARD to beat !! 11/7/2013
I read the discription and the reviews on the Penny Hauls...I decided to take a stab in the dark and order some...They arrived in a couple days, and to my surprise, they were much better than BP discribed...of course there were a few approx. 10-15 that were either hulls I didnt recognize, or had some sort of damage...But hey...for the money...you cant beat it! Thanks BP
- C.J. McClintock, PA
Cheap is good! 8/4/2013
I didnt keep my hopes up about receiving more than 10-20% usable hulls from the description I read when deciding to buy these. When I opened the box I found that all were perfectly fine and re-loadable. None had any of the possible issues mentioned in the description. The one and only issue is that a fairly large percentage were...ummm...PINK! Oh well. Cheap is good, no matter what the color. Theyll still work just fine.
- SoCal Ammosmith, CA

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