Over the Limit By D.G. Fackler

Over the Limit By D.G. Fackler
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Over the Limit by D.G. Fackler 
These are the humorous tales of hunting camp, almost any hunting camp, as told from the perspective of one of the hunting dogs. Nearly two hundred pages of laughs and cartoons.
Exposed are the mysteries of hunting and hunting dog wisdom. Female readers gain rare understanding of dog and man bonding. Sniff, scratch, cook and snore in this outrageous prairie hunting camp. Every dog you've ever known is there: Blondie the golden, Spears the Brittany, Timber the untrainable, Charlie, Flicka, and more. Don't forget the hunters: Judge, Cloud, LawyerOlson, Big Louie, Troll, Camp Commander, Flack, Sphincter and the revolving door of camp guests. Telling and seeing all is the observant camp dog. Laugh and enjoy. Hey, it is only hunting camp!

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