PT1265 12ga 1-1/8oz non-toxic wad (250/bag)

PT1265 12ga 1-1/8oz non-toxic wad (250/bag)
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Detailed Description

PT1265 Multi-Metal wad for 12ga

Photo (L to R) PT1251, PT1253, PT1260, PT1265, PT1270

Propulsion Technologies has improved these wads with better quality, but the same great prices. Use the chart below to determine the appropriate load data for each wad. You'll find great data for all these wads in our Advantages and Status of Steel manuals.

Extra Protection: 
If you are using larger steel shot (#3 or larger) or if you just want extra protection, we recommend that you use Mylar Wraps inside the shotcup.

Part# 12ga Wads for non-toxic shot Formerly Capacity gauge length shot type
222PT1251 PT1251 12ga 250/bag 222VP51 3/4 oz. steel 12ga 1.685 non-toxic
222PT1253 PT1253 12ga 250/bag 222VP53 7/8 oz. steel 12ga 1.780 non-toxic
222PT1260 PT1260 12ga 250/bag 222VP60 1 oz. steel 12ga 1.730 non-toxic
222PT1265 PT1265 12ga 250/bag 222VP65 1 oz. steel 12ga 1.665 non-toxic
222PT1270 PT1270 12ga 250/bag 222VP70 1-1/4 oz. steel 12ga 1.960 non-toxic


Curmudgeon's Loading Tips:

TYPE: 1-1/2 (lead), 1 (steel) The PT1265 12ga lead, steel, ITX: shot column wad (static wad, no cushion). Designed for game loads. Best use is in the 3" 12-gauge hull. Some loads for the PT1265 will fit into 2.75" hulls. Best loads are 1-1/2 lead, 1-1/4 to 1-3/8 ITX: shot, and 1-ounce (#3) steel shot loads.

The PT1265 is 1.655" long with shotcup depth of 1.390" and four 45-degree angled slits (1.260" in length). The PT1265 has a tapered interior with wall thickness running near the mouth at .035" to a base side thickness of .060". The gas seal is .730" diameter and .150" deep. The PT1265 wad will load in 2.75" hulls of most all types, depending upon the powder called for in the data. When utilized in 3" gauge hull, a gas seal or nitro card may be used. 

    Product Type: Wad, Multi-Metal capable for field use.
    Size: 12-gauge
    Load data: See Advantages, ITX manuals.
    Typical Loads:
      Non-toxic and high-capacity field loads.
    Made in Denmark

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    Excellent Wad for 1oz Steel loads 4/17/2022
    The PT1265 wads are a fantastic wad for 1oz loads with 6-3 size steel shot.
    - Scott, WY